Barack Obama tells Trevor Noah that young people have “better things to do” than vote

Barack Obama tells Trevor Noah that young people have “better things to do” than vote

In his final weeks as host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah landed an incredible visitor. The late-night presenter brought former president Barack Obama on his show Friday night (November 17), where the two discussed the midterm elections of 2022 and the future of American democracy.

Obama, a savvy politician, praised “young voters” who helped “great candidates” gain victories in this year’s elections.

Obama told Noah that “young people are voting” Low voter turnout contributed to the fact that I lost the midterms during my administration, as this has been noted several times.

And although Obama highlighted that there has been an increase in the number of young voters, Noah concurred, but pointed out that the group is still not a majority and that many have voiced “disillusionment” with the political process.

Obama responded, “Young people will always vote at slightly lower rates than older people, like me, because they have better things to do,” before emphasizing that the rates “are higher now” for young voter turnout, which is significant in “such a polarized environment.”

Obama has a notion regarding the recent election. He told Noah, “I want to think that part of what occurred in this election was that people thought, ‘OK, you know what, some of this is becoming a little bit ridiculous.'” It turns out that the majority of the country prefers normality over insanity. And therein is the hope.”

Obama acknowledged that voters may have had a false sense of security with the belief that “Obama’s there, we’ll be okay,” which he described as a learning experience.

“Trump comes in, and suddenly 2018, 2020, and now this year, you have young voters coming in at a rate of 70-to-30, 60-to-40 Democrat to Republican, and it makes a tremendous impact. “Their passion was the driving force behind this election,” added Obama.

The former president, who is known for his sense of humor, concluded his talk show appearance on a humorous note by telling Noah, “You’re already following one piece of advice I’ve given you: you’re leaving while your polling numbers are high.”

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs on Comedy Central weeknights at 11pm/10c.


»Barack Obama tells Trevor Noah that young people have “better things to do” than vote«

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