Vaccine Passport: Banks To Stop Accepting People Without Vaccination Card

Vaccine Passport: Banks To Stop Accepting People Without Vaccination Card

Nigeria – Chairman for COVID-19 Monitoring and Enforcement Compliance of all Markets and Plazas in Anambra State, Chief Humphrey Anuna has suggested that from next year banks should stop anybody without vaccination cards from assessing banks in Anambra State.

He urged all to take their vaccines and collect the cards as evidence that they have been vaccinated.

Mr Anuna gave this suggestion at the Onitsha Main Market during a sensitisation on COVID-19 compliance to be adhered to in the Market.

He said that wearing facemasks was now an Anambra State Market Amalgamated Traders Association (ASMATA), regulation, which must be strictly enforced in the Market.

According to him initially, the enforcement of COVID-19 procedures were entrusted to the Market Heads to see that it was done properly in the markets, but the leaders disappointed the state Government.

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“It has now handed over to a team which has their two members each in all the markets in the state.’’

Earlier in his address, he said that the signs and symptoms of this Coronavirus were fever, headache, fast breathing, cough and body weakness.

“We must strive to put on our face mask always whenever we leave our houses to wherever we go; wash your hands with soap under running water;

“We must also in each of the lines in the market provide buckets of water and keep them at the entrance into each of the lines.’’

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“You should always maintain a social distance of at least two metres away from each other; all those within the age of 18 years and above should go to the nearest health centres or hospital to take the vaccines,’’ he said.

“I advise everybody to obey the COVID-19 preventive protocols, especially wearing facemasks which the Government has given order that anybody caught without it will pay a penalty of N10,000 or 3 months imprisonment,’’ he added. The team also shared fliers as well as about 1,000 facemasks to the people free of charge.

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