Disturbing trend: Three videos of babies being forced to vape surface online

Disturbing trend: Three videos of babies being forced to vape surface online

Disturbing footage has emerged on social media showing a baby being forced to vape. The video was shared by a Northern Territory media company, The Mango Inquirer, and shows a toddler sitting on a woman’s lap while another person tries to force a vape into its mouth.

The baby is seen coughing up vapor shortly after. The video appears to be a social media memory from December 3, 2022. Northern Territory Police are aware of the video and have urged anyone with information to contact them.

Dozens of commenters below the video expressed their horror at the young child being exposed to vaping. Some called the act ‘disgusting’ and ‘child abuse,’ while others asked, “What’s wrong with people?”

This is the third video to surface recently of a child being forced to vape, with the most recent showing an infant girl vaping alongside a relative of the child from Ceduna, South Australia.

In the previous incident, a teenage mother apologized after footage of her forcing her 11-month-old baby to use a vape surfaced online.

The dangers of vaping are well-documented. Many vapes contain nicotine, which can be addictive, and harmful chemicals such as those found in cleaning products, weed killer, and bug spray.

They can leave young people at an increased risk of depression and anxiety and can cause long-lasting damaging effects on the brain and physical development.

The nicotine in one vape can be equivalent to 50 cigarettes, and depending on the size and nicotine strength of the vape, it can be much higher.

Young people who vape are three times more likely to take up smoking cigarettes. Vape aerosol is not water vapor, and vaping has been linked to lung disease.

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