Austrian Village To Change Name After Endless Mockery By English Speakers

An Austrian village will be changing it’s name from “Fucking”, a name it’s been bearing since the 11th century, before the word has other meanings, to “Fugging”.

The new name will take effect from January 2021. The village finally got tired of English speakers mocking the name and ridiculing their signposts, especially on social media.

More English speakers have deliberately toured the village, only to snap pictures of themselves by the signpost at the entrance of the village, sometimes posing sexually to match the name of the village.

Some have reportedly even stolen the signposts, prompting the local authorities to use theft-resistant concrete when putting up replacements.

Andrea Holzner, the mayor of Tarsdorf, the municipality to which the village belongs has confirmed the name change, saying

I can confirm that the village is being renamed, I really don’t want to say anything more … we’ve had enough media frenzy about this in the past

According to the Austrian daily Die Presse, the villagers, known as Fuckingers, “have had enough of visitors and their bad jokes.”

But tourists obviously are not happy about the impending change. Many have commented saying

Don’t people have any sense of humour these days?

Another says

They’re getting free publicity…they ought to have been happy to have a funny name.

The village was known to be inhabited around 1070, but local lore suggests that a sixth century Bavarian nobleman called Focko actually founded the settlement. A map dating from 1825 used the spelling Fuking.

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