Australian Breastfeeding Association: Jasmine Sussex claims she was sacked for saying word ‘MOTHER’

Australian Breastfeeding Association: Jasmine Sussex claims she was sacked for saying word ‘MOTHER’

A volunteer counsellor claims she has been sacked from the Australian Breastfeeding Association for ‘hate speech’ after she repeatedly using the word ‘mother’ instead of the transgender inclusive term ‘parent’.

Jasmine Sussex said she lost her role because she ‘excessively’ used the word mother in social media posts, after the association partnered with Rainbow Families NSW to promote the use of gender neutral language.

The move has divided members of the nation’s peak breastfeeding group, which has previously introduced course material for counsellors encouraging them to advise transgender women, who were born men, that they can induce lactation.

However, despite her claims, the ABA has denied that Ms Sussex was ‘disciplined for the use of the word mother’, suggesting there was another reason for her departure from the group.

During a Radio 2GB segment on Thursday, Ms Sussex said of the saying ‘mother’: ’95 per cent of breastfeeding counsellors use that word.’

‘That is our language. We know only women can breastfeed.’

Ms Sussex said the ABA has brought out training videos urging counsellors to support biological men to breastfeed, with one clip saying transgender women are often eager to do so.

The mother said she supports human rights for all people but believes it is a delicate balance between ensuring transgender women’s gender identity rights are met as well as babies’ rights to safety and welfare.

‘I’m happy to support how people identify, but sex matters when it comes to birthing and breastfeeding,’ she said.

‘A [biological] man doesn’t have a right to breastfeed a baby, [that desire] it’s a psychological demand.

‘Men will never be able to breastfeed babies, and they need to stop trying.’

Ms Sussex said she was told by the ABA when she lost her position that counsellors are bound by code of ethics stating they will not discriminate on the basis of gender identity.

She is currently fighting to remain a part of the association and is waiting to find out if her membership will also be cancelled.

This is really serious. This is about women having freedom of speech, freedom of conscious, freedom of association.

‘All of these things are being taken from us.’

A spokeswoman from the Australian Breastfeeding Association told Daily Mail Australia ‘no breastfeeding counsellor has been disciplined for their use of the word ”mother” or ”mum” within the ABA’.

‘The Board has found certain conduct of certain counsellors that contravened its Code of Ethics and Constitution, leading to their resignation as volunteer counsellor,’ they said.

‘It is possible for a person who has never been pregnant (including those who are past menopause or who have never had ovaries), to produce some milk to varying levels. This is called induced lactation.

‘We do not advise on the use of medications, or other treatments to build a milk supply, these should be discussed with person’s doctor, as there is the chance of adverse side effects.’

The spokesperson said that breastfeeding counsellors are qualified to provide general breastfeeding information only and denied the ABA had erased sexed language in relation to its breastfeeding information and support services.

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