US Approves 5 Million Tomahawk Missile Sale to Australia

US Approves $895 Million Tomahawk Missile Sale to Australia

Australia has secured a deal to purchase 220 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the United States. The US State Department has approved the potential sale of the missiles to Australia, which is valued at up to $895 million.

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The Tomahawk missiles are made by Raytheon Technologies Corp. and are a long-range, all-weather, subsonic missile that is used for land-attack warfare.

The announcement of the Tomahawk missile deal comes just days after Australia announced a new submarine deal with the United States and the United Kingdom.

The new submarine deal was seen as a move by Australia to strengthen its alliance with the US and its allies amid rising tensions with China in the region.

The potential sale of the Tomahawk missiles is subject to approval by the US Congress, and if approved, it will further enhance Australia’s military capabilities. The missiles can be launched from naval vessels and have a range of up to 1,550 kilometers.

Australia has been looking to upgrade its military capabilities in recent years and has been investing heavily in new defense technologies. The purchase of the Tomahawk missiles is part of this effort and is expected to enhance Australia’s ability to protect its interests in the region.

The approval of the Tomahawk missile deal by the US State Department is seen as a sign of the continued strong alliance between the US and Australia.

The two countries have a long history of military cooperation and have worked closely together on a range of issues, including counterterrorism and regional security.

»US Approves $895 Million Tomahawk Missile Sale to Australia«

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