Aussies Left in the Lurch: Transportable Shade Sheds Collapses owing .3 Million

Aussies Left in the Lurch: Transportable Shade Sheds Collapses owing $1.3 Million

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Transportable Shade Sheds Collapses, Leaving Customers in Debt


Transportable Shade Sheds, a company based on the Sunshine Coast, has collapsed, leaving customers across the country thousands of dollars out of pocket and with unfinished shed construction.

The company went into liquidation on Monday, owing at least $1.3 million to approximately 160 trade suppliers and creditors.

Angry Customers Left in the Lurch

The collapse has left customers in a difficult situation, with some claiming to have paid $25,000 for sheds that were never delivered.

A Facebook group was created by affected customers, which was flooded by angry Aussies.

Customers Out of Pocket

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Customers were left with half-built sheds, and the company’s collapse has resulted in losses for both customers and staff.

Robson Cotter of Robson Cotter Insolvency Group stated that staff were also owed money in holiday pay, superannuation, and other costs.

Customers Speak Out

Chris Reeds from Beenleigh shared his experience, stating that he lost $6000 after ordering a shed from the company to cover his campervan.

He expressed how stressful the situation is, having never been in this position before.

Another customer mentioned their difficulties, writing that they paid over $9000 for a double shed and have no idea how to recover their money.

Unquantified Losses

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The amount of losses for customers with partially or fully incomplete orders delivered is currently unquantified.


Robert Salomon, the company’s director, and his wife, Kylie, run the firm, but a liquidator report showed that six companies were set up as a group of related entities.

Worsening Building Industry Crisis

Industry leaders have warned that the building industry crisis will worsen amid repeated interest rate rises and skyrocketing material costs.

In March alone, there were 549 administrations and liquidations across Australia, a jump of 23 per cent when compared to last year.


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