At Woodford Folk Festival, Anthony Albanese lists his aims for 2023

At Woodford Folk Festival, Anthony Albanese lists his aims for 2023

In a speech at the late Labor leader’s favorite music festival, Anthony Albanese detailed his vision for 2023 while also honoring Bob Hawke.

In addition, the prime minister confirmed that a referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament will be held in the second half of 2019.

Mr. Albanese spoke at approximately 3 p.m. at the Woodford Folk Festival, just north of Brisbane, as Mr. Hawke’s widow Blanche D’Alpuget observed.

His lover Jodie Haydon, who sat next to Ms. D’Alpuget, joined him, as did ministers Tony Burke and Linda Burney.

Today at a music festival, Anthony Albanese (seen at the cricket on Tuesday) will explain his vision for 2023 and warn democracy is under threat.

The prime minister vowed not to waste his time in government as a tribute to Mr. Hawke, who was a huge fan of the event and frequently gave speeches there before his death in 2019.

Honouring Mr Hawke, a big fan of the festival who frequently made speeches there (like this one in 2015), the prime minister will vow not to waste his time in office

‘Bob Hawke left a remarkable legacy because he knew that in order for a legacy to have enduring force, a government must endure,’ he explained.

“The phrases that characterized his leadership – reconciliation, harmony, and consensus – all had to do with our nation moving in the same direction.

Nobody’s tenure in government is limitless. The clock is perpetually ticking.Mr Hawke's widow Blanche D'Alpuget (left) watched Mr Albanese's speech on Wednesday afternoon, sitting next to his girlfriend Jodie Haydon (right)

However, I am convinced that the greatest approach to make the most of that time is to carry Bob’s example in your heart.

In remembrance of Mr. Hawke, who was a huge fan of the event and frequently gave speeches there (including this one in 2015), the prime minister will pledge not to squander his time in power.

Mrs. Hawke’s widow Blanche D’Alpuget (left) sat next to Mr. Albanese’s girlfriend Jodie Haydon on Wednesday afternoon to hear his speech (right)

Mr. Albanese devoted a portion of his address to the Indigenous Voice, which he expected to legislation in the first few months of the new year and hold a referendum on before the end of the year.

Next year, when Woodford takes place, the Voice to Parliament referendum will have been held, he noted.

This is an opportunity for all of us to contribute to the enrichment and future strength of our nation.

“We live in the greatest nation in the world, but an even greater Australia is so tantalizingly close.”Also in the audience were Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney (left) and Employment Minister Tony Burke (centre)

The Prime Minister will state that the Voice will “guarantee consultation on subjects that directly affect Indigenous Australians, including education, health, housing, and justice issues.”

He stated that a successful referendum would relieve indigenous people of the “torment of our powerlessness.”

Momentum is increasing. Local government, community groups, churches, businesses, trade unions, and sporting codes have pledged support for a constitutionally mandated Voice to Parliament with all state and territory governments. This may be a time of comprehensive national unity and reconciliation,’ he remarked.

Mr Albanese and Ms Haydon meet backstage after his speech at the Woodford Folk Festival

Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney (left) and Employment Minister Tony Burke were also in attendance (centre)

Mr. Albanese and Ms. Haydon met backstage following his Woodford Folk Festival speech.

However, the Voice’s opponents are gearing up to persuade Australians to vote no, and the National Party stated in November that it will not support the initiative.

A protestor holds a sign as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese speaks during the Woodford Folk Festival in Woodford, 72km north of Brisbane

The Liberals have not yet determined whether they will support or oppose the Voice, or whether they will permit MPs to freely endorse either side.

Mr. Albanese stated, “I accept everyone’s right to make their own judgment on the referendum, but I urge Australians to consider the kind and generous plea from First Nations people.”

The prime minister reviewed the policy accomplishments of his first months in office as the first Labor prime minister since 2013 after winning the election on May 21.

In his seven months in office, significant industrial relations regulations were passed, a 43 percent renewable energy target was established, the minimum wage was raised, paid maternity leave was expanded, and the cost of child care was reduced.

A protestor raises a sign while Prime Minister Anthony Albanese talks at the Woodford Folk Festival, 72 kilometers north of Brisbane, in Woodford.

Mr. Albanese spoke just north of Brisbane at the Woodford Folk Festival around 3 p.m.Festivalgoers strain to see Mer Albanese and hold their children above the crowd as he speaks

Another piece of law he enacted, which established the National Anti-Corruption Commission, was highlighted in his speech as he warned that no nation was immune to dictatorship.

“We have established a National Anti-Corruption Commission because restoring honesty and trust to our politics is crucial to the health of our democracy,” he stated.

I urge anyone who believes our democracy is impregnable to take a look at the rest of the globe.Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong shakes hands with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, a big step in improving relations with China

Even some of the oldest and most stable democracies have been attacked by corrosive and subtle forces. There is no immunity.

Mr. Albanese said that the NACC was “crucial” to protecting Australian democracy.

Our democracy is priceless; it has been painstakingly cultivated and cultivated from generation to generation. One of our primary obligations is to make it stronger, and transparency and accountability are essential to that strength,’ he said.

Mr. Albanese also praised his accomplishment in repairing Australia’s relations with China following a two-year trade battle launched by former prime minister Scott Morrison’s proposal for an investigation into the origins of coronavirus.

It does not imply that we agree with China on all issues. It does not mean that we do not express our concerns and substantial differences,’ added.

We will cooperate with China when possible, disagree when necessary, and act in the national interest of Australia.

As Mer Albanese talks, festivalgoers try to see him and hold their youngsters above the crowd.

Penny Wong, Australian Foreign Minister, shakes hands with Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, marking a significant improvement in Australia’s relations with China.

In light of his 43 percent renewable energy goal by 2030, Mr. Albanese urged Australia to become a green manufacturing powerhouse.

There is a bright future ahead, and it is so thrilling. Australia has the potential to be a renewable energy giant, he added.

Along with solar and wind energy’s ability to create clean, affordable, and dependable electricity, we have an abundance of lithium, allowing us to manufacture the batteries we require.

As a last bow to the music enthusiasts he addressed, Mr. Albanese’s speech promises additional arts support and condemns nine years of cuts to the sector by the Coalition.

It is through the arts that we construct our identity as a nation and a people, he explained.


»At Woodford Folk Festival, Anthony Albanese lists his aims for 2023«

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