at Infestation Threatens Sydney’s Iconic Royal Easter Show

at Infestation Threatens Sydney’s Iconic Royal Easter Show

Sydney’s iconic annual event, the Royal Easter Show, is at risk of being ruined due to a rat infestation in the surrounding areas.

The Olympic Park Showground at Homebush hosts the event each year, attracting an average of 828,000 visitors.

However, local business owners and residents have expressed concerns about a possible rat plague in the area, which could negatively impact the show.

Ahmed Chandab, the owner of a pizza shop in the area, has reported a growing problem with rats and has taken the issue to building managers and the Parramatta Council.

However, he claims that their efforts to eradicate the pests have been insufficient.

In fact, he has filmed rats prowling around the area at night and hanging out under cars, which he believes will leave a bad impression on visitors attending the Easter Show.

Chandab has reported losing significant business due to the rat infestation and has been forced to keep his doors closed after 6 pm to prevent rodents from entering his shop.

He has also expressed frustration at the lack of urgency from corporate bodies to address the issue, citing rising living costs, food supply costs, rent, and wages as already squeezing his business.

Residents in the area, such as Jasmine Ho, have also reported seeing multiple rat corpses while out walking their dogs.

The Royal Agricultural Society, which rents out the showground venue, has denied experiencing any rat problems.

However, Parramatta Council and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority have not yet commented on the matter.

Overall, the rat infestation in the surrounding areas is a significant concern for the upcoming Royal Easter Show and the businesses and residents in the area.

Urgent action is needed to address the issue and ensure that the event can proceed smoothly without any negative impact on visitors’ experiences.

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