As vengeance, homeowners demolish a neighbor’s garden fence

In one instance, a homeowner exacted vengeance on a neighbour who had constructed a fence across their garden by tearing it down, bored by plank.

Two guys are seen tearing down the fence in a TikTok video that has almost 13 million views after the homeowner claimed the neighbours refused to fix it.

In a later footage, the homeowner, who is believed to be in the US, demonstrates their newly constructed fence and how much of their property the neighbour had appropriated.

“My neighbor’s fence is on our land. We’ve requested them to cooperate with us to remedy it. They refused,” the homeowner, @unbrwreathable, captioned a video showing the fence being removed.

Hence, here we are.

The homeowner posted a second video in which he displayed the new fence and said, “Fence Installed! Not a single drama! We adore it. Setting limits is sometimes necessary!

More than 400,000 people have liked the original video, which has had 12.6 million views.

People quickly voiced their feelings on the fence’s removal, however there was disagreement.

You guys don’t understand, if they let the neighbours fence that land, it becomes their property, one TikTok user stated. If it remains where it is, the party taking it down suffers equity loss. Keep your property boundary from being moved by others.

How can they simply reject, a different user asked? Geez! You should be commended for maintaining your property. An wrong fence may easily turn into contested territory.

Others, though, were not as persuaded, with one asking: “Am I the only one who would really not care if it’s a touch over the line? Let the subsequent purchasers handle it.

Footage shared on TikTok - which has wracked up almost 13 million views - shows two men removing the fence plank by plank

Another person said that they would have shown gratitude to their neighbours for providing a free fence and saved them $5,000.

The homeowner responded in a subsequent video to individuals who said they would not have removed it, stating: “Those claiming “Oh I would’ve accepted a free fence,” would you also take depreciation on your property?” ASK FOR THE SURVEY! ENGAGE A LAWYER! Every penny is worthwhile.

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