As coronavirus spikes in Cuba, bishop calls for prayer to end pandemic

With 188,000 cases of people infected with COVID-19, 172,000 people recovering (91%) and 1,270 (.07%) dying, the Ministry of Public Health decreed the island to be in the Community Transmission phase in order to impose a strict lockdown, cut transmission, and allow the healthcare system to make progress.

Bishop Hernández encouraged the faithful “not to grow weary in praying and to not lose hope.”

“Therefore, with complete confidence that God, in his infinite mercy, hears the cry of his people when they turn to him with humility and repentance, I ask us to pray more fervently to God through the intercession of our Mother, the Our Lady  of Charity.” 

“We come to her as children in need, and at her feet we present the lives of so many who are ill and their relatives, the healthcare personnel and the health system authorities who, together with the people in general, long for the end of this pandemic.”

Finally, he reminded the island’s inhabitants “that every measure that is taken is important, because human life is at stake, which is the greatest value we have.”