Around 80 migrants crossed the English Channel by small boat today as official figures reveal more than 3,000 have made the treacherous journey this month

Around 80 migrants crossed the English Channel by small boat today as official figures reveal more than 3,000 have made the treacherous journey this month

According to official statistics, more than 3,000 migrants have undertaken the perilous trek this month, and today about 80 of them crossed the English Channel by small boat.

The first batch of roughly 40 passengers were brought to land at Dover, Kent around 4am.

Soon after noon, the Border Force ship Ranger escorted 40 more individuals into the harbor.

After braving gloomy and windy weather in the Channel, the group, which was primarily made up of men, could be seen wrapped in blue blankets and heavy jackets.

One man huddled under the blanket, looking as though he was shivering.

A baby with a dummy in his mouth was among the young children seen among the throng hugged close to their parents’ chests.

It occurs as the Nationality and Borders Act, which increased the maximum sentence for people who smuggle immigrants into the UK from 14 years to life in prison, went into effect on Tuesday.

The new regulations also give the government the power to deport individuals before their release from prison and to revoke the British citizenship of foreign-born criminals.

Additionally, due to the Government’s crackdown, migrants who arrive in small boats today have fewer rights and less access to public resources.

To be processed by UK officials, they were taken down the gangway by soldiers wearing camouflage fatigues.

3,042 individuals risked their lives in 75 boats during the month of June to cross the 21-mile Dover Straits.

3,066 asylum seekers arrived in the UK in March, which has so far been the busiest month of the year.

According to Ministry of Defense data, June may set a new record for Channel crossings after 269 people were reported to have arrived at the Kent coast yesterday in six boats.

Yesterday, many boats in trouble were also discovered by the French monitoring and rescue center (CROSS) in Gris-Nez.

46 persons who were stuck in the Channel were to be rescued by the maritime rescue vessel Jean Bart II. Then they were delivered to the Dunkirk port.

In order to assist a boat carrying 40 passengers that had run into trouble south of Le Touquet, a search and rescue effort was begun.

To swim back to land, two people dove into the ocean. They were picked up and delivered to Le Touquet by the Dauphin helicopter of the French Navy.

The boat Jean-Baptiste Fournier picked up the 38 migrants who were still on board and dropped them down on the Cucq beach.

The stranded persons were cared for by the central public security division once they were brought back to land.

In 377 vessels, 12,606 individuals have arrived in the UK so far this year.

Compared to 8,410 who arrived in 2020, 28,526 persons made the border in 2021, according to official government statistics.

The Dover-based Tory MP Natalie Elphicke stated: “These horrific numbers demonstrate once more the need for immediate action.”

It is disheartening that some who ought to know better are undermining the government’s attempts to preserve lives and put an end to people traffickers.

They ought to reconsider and back the measures being taken to stop these perilous excursions.

Let’s not overlook the callous disrespect for everyone that these criminal smuggling gangs have.

There have been far too many fatalities in futile attempts to cross the English Channel. It should finish.

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