Army corporal grinded into young female soldier’s bottom and pestered her for naked photos

Army corporal grinded into young female soldier’s bottom and pestered her for naked photos

A British Army corporal was found guilty of grinding into a young female soldier’s bottom and harassing her for naked images at a court hearing.

Cpl Phillip Marshall-Nicols shoved his crotch into the bottom of the Private when she was in a tea lounge at an Army barracks in Colchester, Essex, talking to a colleague.

The soldier, whose partner was pregnant at the time, also insisted on taking photos of the woman in the shower after she had completed her physical training sessions.

A military tribunal heard he branded her a ‘spoilsport’ when she said no, but the corporal – nicknamed ‘two dads’ due to his double-barrel surname – told the hearing camera emojis he sent the female Private were merely ‘banter’.

He suggested his messages to the female soldier were instead innocent requests for photos of ‘resin’ models she had been making.

Corporal Phillip Marshall-Nichols grinded into the bottom of a young female solider while she speaking to a colleague

Cpl Marshall-Nichols had denied two counts of sexual assault.

He was convicted of the tea room assault but cleared of grabbing the female Private’s breasts after she had asked him for help finding information on a computer system.

Bulford Military Court heard Cpl Marshall-Nichols, of 16 Medical Regiment, was stationed with the woman at an Army barracks in Colchester, Essex.

They had a purely professional relationship, the court heard, and had known each other for at least a year before the grinding incident.

A court heard that the corporal also pestered the woman for naked photos of herself in the shower

The victim told the court she had been talking to a male soldier when Cpl Marshall-Nichols paused behind her and ‘grinded’ his penis into her bottom as he left the room.

The woman said: ‘I was in the break room with [another private].

‘Cpl Marshall-Nichols was making a brew. At one point he moved to leave the room, and as he passed me he stopped and grinded his d**k into my a**e, left to right.

‘He didn’t say anything and it didn’t go on for long, but I could feel his penis.’

The other soldier in the room at the time told the court he saw a look of shock cross his friend’s face as Cpl Marshall-Nichols stopped behind her.

The former private, who has since left the military, said: ‘He pushed himself up against [the female soldier].

‘It looked like a joke at first but you could tell by her facial expression that she was scared.

It just happened out of the blue and went on for a couple of seconds.’

The female soldier reported the incident to another corporal and received private messages on Snapchat from Cpl Marshall-Nichols after returning from Christmas leave.

‘It was after PT, which we had three times a week, when I was going to take a shower,’ she said. ‘He was there when we did PT.

‘He was asking for pictures while I was in the shower. I just said, ‘No’.’

Cross-examining Cpl Marshall-Nichols, prosecutor Commander Peter Barker said: ‘You sent two emojis – a camera with flash and one without… that is a request for photos.

‘Her response is: ‘No’. A flat refusal. You respond immediately, saying: ‘Spoilsport lol’ and the crying laughter emoji.

‘You are pestering one of your subordinates for a picture in the shower.

Cpl Marshall-Nichols denied assaulting her, and claimed the request for photos from the woman was just 'banter'

You are calling her a spoilsport. You are disappointed and upset that she’s not sending a photo, aren’t you?’

Cpl Marshall-Nichols responded saying: ‘No – it’s banter, sir. We were having a laugh.

‘With all due respect, and I didn’t mean to upset anyone… but that is why I sent a laughing face – as a joke.’

When questioned by judge advocate Jane England on what his messages of the camera emojis on WhatsApp referred to, Cpl Marshall-Nichols replied: ‘At the time [the female soldier] was into resin.

‘She had told me about them and showed me her figures.

‘At the time [of the messages], I could have been requesting to see what she was doing with them.

‘It could have been about that… but I can’t remember.

‘She showed me pictures of her figures. It got me interested enough that I try and do it myself.’

During an Easter break the court heard the female Private went into work to update her ‘objectives’ on a computer system before an upcoming exercise, and asked for assistance from Cpl Marshall-Nichols.

The soldier told the court: ‘He came over and I got off the swivel chair… I moved behind the chair.

A tribunal at Bulford Military Court Centre (pictured) found him guilty of one count of sexual assault

‘Then he turned around and touched my boobs. He touched both my boobs with both his hands.

‘[A captain] walked in shortly after and he found my objectives.’

Defending, Simon Perkins argued the alleged victim had ‘made up’ both claims of sexual assault.

Mr Perkins said: ‘The first time you mentioned [these allegations] was at a social gathering [when you were drunk].

‘These two alleged sexual assaults never happened. The sexual assault in the tea room never happened and for some reason you are making this up to get Cpl Marshall-Nichols in trouble.’

Cpl Marshall-Nichols was convicted of the tea room sexual assault, but cleared of grabbing the female soldier’s breasts after the military board deliberated for three hours before returning their verdicts.

He will be sentenced on July 1

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