Arizona Woman Shares Chilling Details of 30-Minute Stray Dog Mauling, 18 Surgeries, and Arm Amputation

Survivor of Stray Dog Attack Details Agonizing Ordeal

Kalista Munoz, a 25-year-old Arizona woman, bravely shares the harrowing story of her life-altering experience after being mauled by a stray dog she was fostering.

Speaking from her home, Munoz recounts the terrifying attack and the challenging journey of recovery that followed.

The Fateful Encounter with a Stray Dog

The saga began in July when Munoz took in a stray dog a friend had found. The dog, previously abused, got into a fight with one of Munoz’s other four dogs.

Attempting to manage the situation, Munoz found herself cornered in a bathroom during a struggle with the aggressive dog.

Brutal 30-Minute Attack and Rescue

The vicious attack lasted nearly 30 minutes, with Munoz’s left arm bearing the worst of the dog’s aggression.

Fortunately, neighbors heard her cries and promptly called 911, potentially saving her life. Munoz expresses her determination during the attack, stating she knew she wasn’t going to die that way.

The Backstory of the Stray Dog

Munoz received the stray dog from a friend who found him three months before the incident. Despite the dog’s troubled background and a previous fight with Munoz’s dog named Zona, she attempted to provide care until he could be adopted.

Struggle in the Bathroom and Loss of Limb

In an attempt to separate the dogs during a fight, Munoz tried to drag the 50-pound stray dog into a bathroom for containment.

Unfortunately, she found herself trapped in the struggle, and her arm suffered severe injuries. The neighbors intervened after hearing the commotion, leading to the police’s arrival.

Road to Recovery: 18 Surgeries and Amputation

Munoz spent a month in the hospital, undergoing 18 surgeries in an effort to save her arm. Despite medical efforts, the severity of the injuries led to the amputation of her left arm.

She describes her recovery as a roller coaster, including weeks attached to IVs.

No Ill Will Towards the Dog; Advocacy for Animal Welfare

Despite the traumatic incident, Munoz holds no ill will towards the dog responsible for her injuries.

Instead, she wants to use her experience to shed light on the trauma and abuse suffered by animals and the dangers of neglecting such issues.

Resilience and Return to Normalcy

Back home with her other pets, Munoz maintains a remarkably upbeat spirit. She emphasizes that the incident will not define her and is determined to continue pursuing her master’s degree in social justice at ASU.

Munoz is now using her story to advocate for animal welfare and raise awareness about the potential dangers of fostering animals.