Argument between fitness influencer and man on park bench  goes viral

Argument between fitness influencer and man on park bench goes viral

An argument between a fitness influencer and a man on a park bench has gone viral and been dubbed ‘the most British argument ever.’

In the short clip, the influencer is seen addressing a camera mounted on a tripod after completing a 5K run in a park.

As she speaks, a man enters the shot and sits down on a bench directly behind her, seemingly disrupting her video.

She approaches the man and asks him to move because he is in the shot, but he refuses to budge.

The ensuing two-minute exchange is awkward and uncomfortable as neither side backs down.

The man even questions why the influencer is so concerned about her followers, calling her ‘ageist.’

The influencer replies that she knows her followers will not want to see him, to which he sarcastically asks if she is now Jesus.

The argument ends with neither side happy, as the man claims victory and refuses to leave, calling the influencer part of the ‘snowflake brigade.’

Since the video went viral on social media, many people have been suspicious as to whether the argument was staged.

Some have compared it to a Monty Python skit, while others have praised the man for his wit and sense of humour.

Despite the speculation, the video has gained widespread attention and generated amusement for many who find the whole scene hilariously British.

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