Archbishop Urges Prayers and Urgent Action Following Shooting at Ecuadorian Funeral Home

Archbishop Urges Prayers and Urgent Action Following Shooting at Ecuadorian Funeral Home

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

The archbishop of Portoviejo, Eduardo José Castillo Pino, has appealed to the faithful to pray for an end to violence in Ecuador, expressing solidarity with the victims and injured in a shooting incident at a funeral home in Manta.


The prelate condemned the destructive impact of crime and terror, emphasizing the need for support and prayers for the affected individuals and their families.

Shooting at Funeral Home:

Unidentified individuals arrived at the Gardens of Eden funeral home in Manta on May 18 and opened fire during the wake of Andrés Agustín Moreira, a city traffic cop who was tragically murdered on May 16.

Local media reported that at least four people were killed, including two minors, and another eight were wounded in the indiscriminate shooting.

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Appeal for Urgent Intervention:

The head of the National Police in Manabí, Patricio Almendáriz, stated that the attack was carried out by at least five individuals who used long guns and handguns to perpetrate the violence.

Manta’s mayor, Agustín Intriago, described the incident as an act of terror that surpassed mere settling of scores or organized crime issues.

The archbishop took to social media, calling on the Ecuador Ministry of Government and Ministry of Defense to urgently intervene in the city, preventing the spread of violence and protecting innocent lives.


Solidarity and Prayer:

Archbishop Castillo emphasized the importance of maintaining empathy and solidarity with the suffering of others, despite the seemingly never-ending cycle of crime.

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He urged continuous prayers for peace and an end to irrational violence, assuring the faithful that the Lord would not abandon them during these challenging times.


The shooting incident at a funeral home in Manta has prompted Archbishop Castillo to call for prayers and urgent intervention to address the escalating violence in Ecuador.

His message of solidarity and empathy serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to support and stand with those affected by senseless acts of violence.

The archbishop’s plea for prayers and an end to irrational violence resonates with the need to foster a culture of peace and compassion within society.

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