Archbishop of Canterbury Caught Speeding, Conviction and Controversies

Archbishop of Canterbury Caught Speeding, Conviction and Controversies

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

In a surprising turn of events, the Most Rev Justin Welby, the 67-year-old religious leader and Archbishop of Canterbury, was caught by a speed camera while driving his car along the Albert Embankment in central London.


This incident took place on October 2 of the previous year, as he made his way towards his official residence at Lambeth Palace.

The subsequent legal proceedings and the timing of the conviction raise eyebrows, coinciding with the Archbishop’s public interventions against the government’s Illegal Migration Bill and his involvement in crowning King Charles at Westminster Abbey.

Caught on Camera: Conviction and Penalty:

According to court papers obtained by the Evening Standard, the Metropolitan Police contacted Archbishop Welby after his vehicle triggered a speed camera, and he confessed to being the driver.

The recorded speed was 25mph, exceeding the 20mph limit that had been imposed by Transport for London three years earlier.

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The police sent the Notice of Intended Prosecution and other correspondence to the Archbishop at Lambeth Palace.

The case proceeded through the Single Justice Procedure, which allowed Lavender Hill Magistrates Court to handle it based on written evidence alone, in a private hearing.


In this hearing, the Archbishop pleaded guilty and was ultimately given three penalty points and a £300 fine.

Additional costs of £90 and a victim surcharge of £120 brought the total legal bill to £510.

Controversial Timing:

The conviction and sentencing took place on the same day as the Archbishop’s notable intervention in the House of Lords, where he spoke out against the government’s Illegal Migration Bill.

This synchronicity raises questions about the potential impact of the speeding incident on the Archbishop’s public image and credibility.

It is worth noting that just days before the conviction, the Archbishop also played a significant role in the coronation of King Charles at Westminster Abbey, adding further intrigue to the timing of the events.

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Administrative Errors and Unawareness:

Lambeth Palace, the official residence of the Archbishop, released a statement acknowledging the offense and the Archbishop’s admission of guilt.

However, they claimed to be unaware that the case was being dealt with in court.

The press office attributed this lack of knowledge to “admin errors” that impeded their attempts to pay the fine and resolve the matter.


While the exact nature of these administrative errors is unclear, they contributed to a chain of events resulting in the conviction and subsequent controversies surrounding the case.

Analysis and Commentary:

The revelation of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speeding conviction undoubtedly raises questions about the responsibilities and behavior of public figures.

The incident itself might be seen as a minor transgression, but the timing of the conviction in conjunction with the Archbishop’s public activities invites speculation and scrutiny.

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The Archbishop’s involvement in significant public events and his role as a spiritual leader make him subject to heightened expectations and public accountability.

The administrative errors leading to the lack of awareness and delayed resolution of the case further fuel the narrative surrounding the incident.

It remains to be seen how the conviction will impact the Archbishop’s reputation and public standing.

While it is possible that the incident will be perceived as a momentary lapse, critics might use it to question his moral authority and judgment.

The controversy surrounding the timing of the conviction and the subsequent statements by Lambeth Palace also add layers of complexity to the overall narrative.


Only time will tell whether the Archbishop can overcome this setback and continue to effectively carry out his religious and public duties.

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