Anurag Maloo, Indian Mountaineer Rescued After Going Missing on Mt. Annapurna

Anurag Maloo, Indian Mountaineer Rescued After Going Missing on Mt. Annapurna

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Anurag Maloo, an Indian mountaineer, was rescued three days after going missing in a crevasse on Mt. Annapurna in Gandaki Province, Nepal.


Maloo was in critical condition when found, and the incident has attracted significant public attention, with people eager to know more about his personal and professional lives.

In this article, we focus on Maloo’s wife and family.

Is Anurag Maloo Married?

According to reports, Anurag Maloo is 34 years old and appears to be unmarried.

The adventurer, who scales the world’s tallest peaks to advocate for sustainability, is active on Instagram under the username @anuragmaloo.

He shares every possible detail of his personal and professional life on social media, but he has not shared any hints about his love life.


Therefore, it is likely that he is unmarried and focusing on his career.

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Anurag Maloo Family – Parents and Siblings

Anurag Maloo hails from Kishagarh, Rajasthan, and his family resides in India.

He has a younger brother, Aashish Maloo, who is a chartered accountant.

Although the names of the Maloo siblings have not been made public, Anurag’s father, Om Prakash, and mother, Pushpa Devi, often feature on his social media feed.

Anurag shares a close bond with his family, and when he went missing, his younger brother launched an online petition asking the Nepalese and Indian governments to send a special rescue team to bring him back.

Anurag Maloo’s Professional Life

Anurag Maloo is the Vice President (Global Partnerships) and Regional Director (Asia-Pacific) at Seedstars, according to his personal website.


He oversees multi-stakeholder collaborations that use technology and entrepreneurship to help entrepreneurs succeed and improve people’s lives in developing nations.

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Additionally, the trained mountaineer seeks to climb the world’s tallest peaks to advocate for sustainability.

Maloo believes that mountaineering challenges and can serve as a powerful metaphor for the obstacles humanity faces in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the UN.

Anurag also initiated the #Climbing4SDGs initiative, which aims to interact with local communities via climbing, bring attention to the SDGs, motivate people to take action, and foster innovation.


Anurag Maloo’s story is a reminder that adventure can have its risks and that mountaineering is a dangerous sport.

His rescue is a testament to the bravery and skill of the rescuers who risked their lives to save him.

Maloo’s passion for sustainability and his dedication to advocating for the SDGs are commendable, and his #Climbing4SDGs initiative shows his creativity and innovation.


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Furthermore, the close bond that he shares with his family is heartwarming and highlights the importance of family support during times of crisis.

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