Angry moose charged at a snowmobiler in Idaho, nearly crushing him

Angry moose charged at a snowmobiler in Idaho, nearly crushing him

A snowmobiler in Idaho narrowly escaped being crushed by a charging moose, and the entire incident was captured on camera. The dramatic encounter occurred near Palisades, Idaho, over the weekend.

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Jeremiah Bigelow shared the video on social media and stated that if his brother had been even one second slower to jump off the snowmobile, it could have been disastrous.

Bigelow, his son, brother, and two friends were exploring the snowy landscape when his brother moved further ahead of the group. That’s when the moose got between them and started charging, stopping only 20 feet from them.

In an attempt to draw the moose’s attention away from the group, Bigelow’s brother was successful, but not without consequences.

It seemed that the moose was going to walk away, but it changed its mind and began charging towards Bigelow’s brother. The brother tried to hit the throttle and get away, but the engine died.

Had he not jumped off the snowmobile in time, he would have been crushed under the full weight of the moose against the handlebars.

Luckily, the brother was able to jump off the snowmobile in the nick of time and avoid being crushed.

Once the moose hit the snowmobile, it flipped over and landed on its side. Bigelow raced ahead to protect his brother, should the moose decide to charge again. However, the moose quickly got up and ran off into the woods.

Bigelow learned his lesson from this experience and noted that he would give the moose much more space in the future.

He referred to the incident as a “bad scenario with an OK outcome” and emphasized that the moose was unharmed, as he saw it walking just fine a short time later.

»Angry moose charged at a snowmobiler in Idaho, nearly crushing him«

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