Andrew Tate implicated for Victorian school sexual incidents. TiKToker KO

Andrew Tate has been held responsible for an increase in sexual occurrences involving female pupils in Australia’s premier private schools.

Multiple elite schools in Melbourne have received complaints from female students accusing a group of adolescent guys of sexually harassing them online.

The girls allege that guys, primarily from one all-boys school in the central business district, have been using Snapchat and Discord to make aggressively sexual comments about them.

One of the girls who reported the vile conversations was only 14 years old.

Andrew Tate appeared as a 2016 Big Brother contestant (above) but was removed from the house after a video surfaced of him beating his girlfriend with a leather beltTate's videos featuring him calling women derogatory terms like 'f**king m**ons', talking about hitting and abusing women and referring to women as 'property'Australian influencer Abbie Chatfield (above)Tate's online content is a strange mix of controversial opinions broken up by photos and videos living a jet-set lifestyleFormer Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil (above) called for social media to regulate misogynistic content that 'glorifies sexual violence'Andrew Tate implicated for Victorian school sexual incidents. TiKToker KOFemale students from private Melbourne schools say a group of teenage boys have been talking about them in a violently sexual manner on social mediaAndrew Tate (above) has been blamed for a recent spike of sexual incidents reported in Melbourne schools

Teachers at the school believe a new wave of ‘alpha male’ influencers motivated by their’sexist leader,’ former kickboxer Andrew Tate, is to blame for the increase in attacks on their kids.


In the past two months, the 35-year-old has gone from a virtually forgotten Big Brother participant to the world’s most famous womanizer.


The dispute stems from the reappearance of footage of the British-born TikToker being knocked out in a professional fight.

‘This sort of male toxic influencer s**t is definitely fueling it this term,’ a distressed teacher told the Herald Sun.


Tate’s largest platform is TikTok, despite the fact that he does not have an account.


Thousands of fan-shared videos include him discussing beating and assaulting women, victim-blaming, referring to women as “property,” and stating that he enjoys dating women aged 18-19 because it’s easier to leave a “impact” on them.


Tate smokes cigars, flies on posh jets, sails luxurious yachts, and drives fast vehicles in the rare video that does not have him in the midst of an offensive outburst.


Former Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil, who last year exposed a gang of adolescent boys for sexually harassing their classmates, stated that media outlets must do more to remove harmful sexist content.


She stated, “The longer they delay, the longer they support the platform of these individuals at the price of women’s protection.”


These individuals objectify women’s bodies and use misogynistic language that promotes sexual violence, and boys are buying it.


Tate discusses whether women should be left to handle all the housework in a popular video, stating, “Girls remark, “I don’t like cleaning.” If you dislike cleaning, no problem; how about this?


“I’ll clean the house, but you’ll pay for everything!”


Oh no, you can’t do that either because you’re a f**king moron who realizes that producing money is much more difficult than washing the dishes.’


Tate discusses in another video how he would abuse a woman who accused him of infidelity.


“Bring out the machete, smash her in the face, and grab her by the neck.” He stated, “Shut up, b****”


Last Sunday, The Project panelist Rachel Corbett and Australian influencer Abbie Chatfield discussed Tate after learning that over fifty percent of the average teenage boy’s TikTok feed is devoted to his content.


Ms. Corbett stated, “Kids perceive Instagram and TikTok and the concept of 11.6 billion views as a success.”


‘Therefore, it follows that these (misogynistic) opinions must be valid, given Tate’s notoriety; therefore, I wish to adopt them.


I feel that TikTok has a duty to remove misogynistic content because it’s so damaging and because it’s the right thing to do.


In its community guidelines, TikTok states that it has “zero tolerance for discrimination” and will remove “material that contains hate speech or engages in hateful behavior.”


Yet Tate’s demeaning of women-focused lectures have amassed billions of views.


Chatfield compared the way in which TikTok applies its community guidelines to Tate’s and her own material.


She stated, “I posted a TikTok wearing a white singlet and a bra, and it was erased within a minute.”


“However, there are several tapes of him claiming that women are property and other obscenely misogynistic statements. How does that slip between the cracks but I cannot? On Thursday, though, a different type of Andrew Tate video emerged in the shape of an old kickboxing clip from the former athlete’s heyday.


The footage depicts Tate getting viciously knocked out by Franci Grajs following a barrage of blows and a knee to the head while being pulled back to the ropes.


The 2012 match took place in the 85kg class final of the Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiators event.


Tate, 35, was knocked unconscious by a kick to the head after absorbing a barrage of punches that pushed him into the ropes.


Tate, whose nickname is ‘Cobra,’ maintains that this was the first time in his 87-fight career that he was knocked out.


Tate stated on The Fellas podcast, “I was knocked out once.”


Once in 87 fights is a respectable record for a career. It does not appear to hurt. Similar to a dream, you do not remember much. You are enraged thereafter.

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