Anambra Must Be Rid of Criminal Elements Desolating Our Homeland

Anambra Must Be Rid of Criminal Elements Desolating Our Homeland

“Anambra will take back their land. Majority of the people committing these henious crimes are not from Anambra State. This is not who we are. That is not us. Peace and stability must return in Anambra. Peace and stability must return in the Southeast. My message to them is choose the olive branch offered to you. Surrender your guns, we will help you gain a useful life. Anyone in the Bush with a gun is a criminal. And will be treated as such. There will be no hiding place. The people’s power will triumph”

The above quotation are the words of wisdom from Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, Anambra State Governor, couched in a soothing and appealing language to the criminal elements terrorising the people of Anambra.

The carnage, killing, arson, kidnapping and mindless destructions going on in Anambra State and the Southeast region cannot longer be treated with a kids-gloove. The insensitive and senseless action of a few criminal elements who have hijacked a process to inflict and unleash mayhem in Anambra State and Ndi Anambra should no longer be condoned or allowed to continue.

We have gotten to the tipping point where the people of Anambra State both the young, adult, clergy and all institutions must collectively join hands with Governor Soludo to rid Anambra State of these deadly criminal elements

No investor will come to Anambra State if we allow these senseless killings and wanton destruction of properties and State owned institutional buildings to continue in this unacceptable manner
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has vehemently condemned these atrocities and has equally distanced itself from the activities of these criminals and hoodlums.

The ball is in the court of the people to rise up collectively, and in unison, work with Governor Soludo to get rid of these criminals. Peace and tranquillity must return in Anambra. We must not fold our arms while our homeland is gradually being turn into ruins.

Our people are daily mow down by heartless people and our institutional landmarks are daily attacked and destroyed. The people’s economic life is on the downward slope. Fear, poverty, lawlessness are now the order of the day. This trend must be collectively arrested and a final stop put to it.

The youths in Ichi, in the Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State have already taken the bold step. They took up the courage in their numbers last week to destroy a suspected kidnappers’ hideout and set ablaze shrine belonging to these criminal elements in their community. This is part of what is required by the citizens to reclaim their homeland back.

Let us all join hands with Governor Soludo in bringing back peace and stability in Anambra State. Surely, it can be done!!!

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