An interior designer lists 11 essentials for her home

An interior designer lists 11 essentials for her home

Elegant tableware can demonstrate inventiveness and individuality.

A table setting’s tableware and decor can establish the tone for a dinner.

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According to Devon Liedtke, interior designer and CEO of The DL, when setting the table, you can demonstrate your ingenuity. Liedtke values both exquisite tableware and the table itself.

She told Insider, “I love to play with nuanced neutrals in my design, from my clothing to my houses.” “I enjoy having tableware that can be mixed and matched, allowing me to experiment with tones, textures, and the cuisine I am serving.”

The ambience of a room can be altered immediately by a work of excellent art.

You can purchase paintings from your favorite designers or from thrift stores.

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When designing her home, Liedtke made it a priority to exhibit her extensive art collection.

She told Insider, “I enjoy collecting art and purchasing pieces I adore when I find them.”

A collection of artwork also affords the option to quickly and easily alter the atmosphere of a room by exchanging individual pieces.

Classic furniture is essential for any residence.

The furniture should be durable enough to last for many years.

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When it comes time to furnish his home, Liedtke opts for timeless pieces.

“‘Timeless,’ ‘classic,’ ‘stand the test of time’ are all things I think about when selecting furniture,” she remarked.

Since sofas, chairs, and dining tables are often only purchased a few times in a lifetime, she advocates investing in durable, high-quality pieces.

Coffee-table books make a space look more fascinating.

A coffee-table book can enhance the appearance of an environment.

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Liedtke views beautiful coffee-table books to be another need for the home.

“Art books are my favorite to collect,” she told Insider. I enjoy searching museum gift stores for new additions to my collection.

Liedtke suggests seeking for publications, such as museum books, that are both beautiful and interesting.

Branch-filled ceramic vases add a sculptural flair to any space.

A simple design suggestion is to fill a ceramic vase with branches.

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The interior designer stated that she enjoys infusing sculptural aspects into spaces.

Though there are a variety of ways to go about this, the designer recommends utilizing “big porcelain jars” and “bringing in branches or plants to finish a space.”

Make a statement with beautiful lighting.

A bright or antique lamp can be a talking item.


In her home, Liedtke uses lighting as an opportunity to make a statement.

Lamps are another simple method to add a sculptural element to your home, given the variety of shapes and materials available today.

Linen bedding is enchanting, subtle, and cozy.

Linen bedding are both luxurious and comfortable.

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The designer claimed there’s no better spot than one’s bed after a long day, therefore they recommend enhancing its comfort levels with linen bedding.

“I adore the simple, subtle appearance and softness of linen sheets,” said Liedtke. It appears perfectly flawed and, dare I say, dreamlike.

Stylish ceramics are an excellent way to add visual appeal to a space.

There are numerous sizes and shapes of ceramic pieces.

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When arranging her house and other projects, Liedtke enjoys incorporating stylish ceramics to provide visual appeal.

She told Insider, “I have amassed a collection of ceramics that range in shape, texture, color, and size.” “Others are mid-century, some are imported, and others were designed in collaboration with local ceramists.”

According to the designer, ceramics are also an excellent method to bring an intriguing object or small group of decorative things into a vignette.

Creative storage solutions can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

To conceal children’s toys, use baskets and drawers.

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Liedtke stated that innovative and efficient storage solutions are required to keep her children’s toys arranged in every room.

Insider quoted Liedtke as saying, “I have no off-limits areas, so every room is a playroom.” Consequently, in each room I have devised storage solutions for my children’s belongings that suit my style.

She stores her children’s toys in large baskets that slide in and out of the console table in her living room, and she has a drawer dedicated to her girls’ play-kitchen utensils. These items are out of sight, but still easily accessible.

Accessories for the kitchen should be both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasant.

Displayed glasses, pots, and pans can be both beautiful and functional.

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She must also have aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchen equipment.

“I enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen with my family,” said Liedtke. Given how frequently I cook, I place a high importance on the aesthetics of the things and how they complement my home decor.

A mood board can inspire any interior design.

You can put pictures, magazine clippings, or fabric samples on your mood board.

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Mood boards comprised of magazine clippings, handwritten notes, and mementos from beloved sites and scenes may be a terrific source of inspiration.

Liedtke stated, “I work from home and have a large mood board at my workspace.” “I find myself always adding to its inspiration.”


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