An Australian greengrocer Johnny Kapiris has taken a toilet break to thank his supporters

An Australian greengrocer Johnny Kapiris has taken a toilet break to thank his supporters

An infamous greengrocer has thanked his followers while criticizing the “f***wit Darrens and Karens” that are filling up his DMs during a bathroom break.

Johnny Kapiris, who owns St Bernards Fruit and Veg in Rostrevor, in Adelaide’s east, with his wife Leannda, gained notoriety last week after posting an expletive-filled video to Facebook over the cost of veggies.

In his most recent video posted to Facebook, Mr. Kapiris greeted his devoted fans before criticizing the ‘Darren’s and Karen’s’ who were inundating his DMs.

The quality of the specialties is outstanding, and I want to thank everyone for coming down and supporting us,’ Mr. Kapiris added.

“Yet there are a few f***wit Darrens and Karens, go f*** yourself for the bad commenting,” was the reply.

Since he went viral, thousands of messages have been sent to Mr. Kapiris, and he has delivered his own to the 99 percent of people to whom he is unable to respond.

“I’m really, really sorry. It’s just f*** insane.” Having unread texts bothers me because I have OCD.

Sitting on the toilet, he recorded his most recent, three-minute video.

‘I’m having a f******* number two, I’m in the bathroom, and to you it might seem terrible, but to me I couldn’t give two f****,’ he continued.

Inflation is being impacted by flooding and fuel prices, Mr. Kapiris told Daily Mail Australia last week.

On the other hand, he asserted that “everyone plays on it too hard and drives prices up.”

The markup that “greedy corporations” make on all of their fruit and vegetable lines, according to him, will not be reduced.

If shops prioritize their clients, in Mr. Kapiris’ opinion, they can still prevent prices from growing excessively.

“When it’s like this, when the economy is s**t, you swap your earnings for customers, you get them in the shop, then they’ll buy,” my grandfather John, who immigrated from Greece in 1948, used to advise. He owned fruit shops.

“I’ve been raised to forgo revenues to get clients in,” the person said.

He asserted that during the last few months, his gross profits have decreased from 20% to roughly 12%.

But he considers it crucial to maintain consumers’ loyalty since it would ensure that they continue to use the business when conditions become better.

We attempt to be fair because we have a large number of lines to choose from and are flexible with our pricing.

“If we can lower that cost of living a little bit for our neighborhood and clients, I’m happy to do that,” the person said.

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