‘All-knowing’ When he has to testify, Tony Fauci’s memory abruptly fades

‘All-knowing’ When he has to testify, Tony Fauci’s memory abruptly fades

Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s main medical adviser and the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been the most renowned American during the COVID era. Since the beginning of the year 2020, television and print media have showered Fauci with limitless praise, resulting in the sale of votive candles, bobbleheads, and #trustFauci Twitter hashtags. Wednesday, though, Fauci’s mind went.

At least, such was his assertion. A federal judge required Fauci to respond to inquiries from attorneys seeking to disclose the participation of “dozens of government officials across at least eleven federal agencies” in suppressing “disfavored speakers, perspectives, and information on social-media platforms.” This lawsuit exposes how Biden’s war on misinformation is destroying the freedom of expression for Americans.

Wednesday, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry deposed Fauci. Landry referred to Fauci as “the man who single-handedly destroyed the U.S. economy on the basis of ‘follow the science’.” Landry stated, “during the course of seven hours, we learned that he cannot recollect virtually anything regarding his COVID answer.”

So Fauci is “omniscient except during depositions”?

The deposition, according to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, indicated that “when Fauci talks, social media censors.” The case will continue to reveal federal misdeeds, with probably the most explosive revelations still to come.

Missouri AG Eric Schmitt stated that when Fauci talks, “social media filters” his words.
Photo by: AP/Jeff Roberson

Wednesday, Fauci said how many lies? A few “pants on fire” excerpts have been leaked, but the transcript has not yet been made public. After Fauci advocated for society-wide lockdowns to combat COVID, leading scientists from Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard issued the Great Barrington Declaration in October 2020, arguing that “focused protection” for high-risk groups (such as the elderly) was vastly preferable to society-wide lockdowns.

When challenged about his involvement in challenging the Declaration of Independence, Fauci responded, “I am quite busy operating a $6 billion institute.” I have no time to be concerned about the Great Barrington Declaration.” Fauci contacted Deborah Birx, the White House COVID leader, less than two weeks after the Declaration’s publishing, “I have come out firmly against the Great Barrington Declaration.” Fauci had many interviews with the media in which he criticized any claim that lockdowns were unnecessary to preserve America.

Fauci appears to view himself as a member of a caste of politically chosen scientists with the right to dominate the lives of Americans. Schmitt tweeted that Fauci stated at the deposition that “the rest of us lack the ability” to decide what is best for ourselves.

Fauci has consistently acted as though federal health professionals merit absolute authoritarian authority. In April, when a federal judge threw down the Biden administration’s mask requirement for airline passengers, Fauci stated, “This is a CDC matter; it should not have been a judicial issue.” Fauci failed to disclose the Constitutional clause that allows political appointees to void the remainder of the nation’s founding constitution.

Fauci has worn more flip-flops than a trapeze performer from Ringling Bros. Early in 2020, he ridiculed at the premise that masks might prevent COVID transmission, before jumping on the bandwagon and advocating for unreliable fabric masks. In May 2021, Fauci asserted that vaccinated individuals would not spread COVID; he maintained to make this assertion long after the facts disproved it. Prior to his support for vaccination requirements, he opposed them.

During the deposition, Fauci, according to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, “could not recollect nearly anything regarding his COVID answer.”
Image courtesy of JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Endless adulation persuaded Fauci that he is sacred. When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) proposed prosecuting Fauci for his misleading congressional testimony over his support of “gain of function” research in Chinese laboratories that may have unleashed COVID, Fauci said that his detractors are “truly attacking science because I represent science. That is perilous.” But not as hazardous as a megalomaniacal political appointee who wields authority in secret to damage American liberty.

Fauci stated in August that the COVID lockdowns he advocated had not severely harmed anybody. What about the 51% spike in young female suicide attempts during the first year of lockdowns? Forced isolation exacerbated depression and contributed to a 25% rise in alcohol-related deaths in 2020 and a record number of drug-related deaths. The National Bureau of Economic Research anticipated “171,000 extra non-COVID deaths in 2020 and 2021” for the United States. Several of these fatalities were the result of shutdowns and other COVID actions.

Perhaps Fauci would repeat a quote ascribed to Stalin: “One death is a tragedy, whereas one hundred thousand fatalities are only a statistic.” According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 200 million Americans caught COVID despite all of Fauci’s efforts.

Perhaps Fauci’s memory has recovered since he was required to describe how he utilized his abilities. But we must never forget how politicians said that trampling the Constitution will suddenly “flatten the curve” and ensure our safety. The United States will not fully recover from the epidemic until all COVID falsehoods and official misconduct have been exposed.

James Bovard is a member of the USA Today Board of Contributors and the author of ten books.


»‘All-knowing’ When he has to testify, Tony Fauci’s memory abruptly fades«

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