Alison Roman Falls off a Chair on Live TV Show Saturday Kitchen

Alison Roman Falls off a Chair on Live TV Show Saturday Kitchen

...By Solomon Thomas for TDPel Media.

US-based chef Alison Roman was a guest on BBC Saturday Kitchen and was showcasing some easy recipes for sweet-toothed viewers.


As the show wrapped up her segment and moved onto wines, Alison mistook the wine table for a chair and took a tumble, ending up on the floor.

Helen McGinn was beginning her segment on wines when she was distracted by a crash and turned to see Alison on the floor next to her.

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Matt Tebbutt Alison Roman Saturday Kitchen
Matt Tebbutt Alison Roman Saturday Kitchen

BBC Saturday Kitchen’s Matt Tebbutt asked Alison if she was okay, while she replied humorously, “That is not a chair!” and “Never coming back to London ever again.”

Matt told Helen to “give her a drink quick!” and Helen proceeded to pour Alison a large glass of wine.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the awkward stumble, with some humorously commenting that the incident occurred before Alison had even started drinking wine.

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Alison is in the UK for a short time to talk about her book and cook on-air.


Saturday Kitchen airs every Saturday at 10 am on BBC One.


Mistakes can happen to anyone, and the incident involving Alison Roman on BBC Saturday Kitchen is a prime example of this.

Despite the tumble, Alison maintained her sense of humor and made the situation lighthearted by joking about never coming back to London again.

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The quick thinking of the team, including Matt and Helen, to make sure Alison was okay by offering her a glass of wine, added to the humorous nature of the incident.

It is great to see that the incident was taken in good spirit by Alison and the team, and that viewers appreciated the light-heartedness of the situation.


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