Alexa stalker who threatened ex-lover with knife and acid is freed

Alexa stalker who threatened ex-lover with knife and acid is freed

A stalker who threatened to attack her lover and throw acid in her face after using an Amazon Alexa gadget to spy on his ex-girlfriend was not sentenced to jail.

Hassan Mehmet, Shelby Laidlaw’s scorned boyfriend, threatened to rip Shelby Laidlaw’s teeth out after he intentionally crashed her Jaguar in an attempt to commit suicide on the interstate.

He inundated Ms. Laidlaw with texts while she was out on police bail, used the Alexa to listen in on her chats, and threatened to hurt her new lover.

Mehmet, a resident of Southwark in southeast London, admitted to a number of crimes, including stalking and reckless driving, but the Old Bailey decided not to sentence him to jail time.

Stalker used Alexa to spy on ex-lover before threatening to stab her and throw acid is spared jail

Before their relationship ended in April, the two had been dating for 13 years.

Mehmet was arrested on April 13 for domestic common assault and coercive and controlling behavior after it was claimed he bit Ms. Laidlaw on the head.

He was repeatedly detained and released on police bail for suspected crimes against Ms. Laidlaw before being placed in detention on July 22, 2013, however.

While out on bail, Mehmet started his harassment campaign and used the Alexa gadget to listen in on personal conversations.

Additionally, he wrote Ms. Laidlaw a large number of letters and emails outlining a series of grave threats, including slashing her in the neck and attacking her with acid.

I was concerned that Hassan would carry out the threats, Ms. Laidlaw stated in an impact statement read out in court.

“Hassan has abused me in our relationship,” I said.

“The whole thing has left me feeling incredibly exhausted, and I’m frightened to ever see him again since I feel he has no regard for authority,” she said.

She permitted Mehmet to go with her on a hospital visit on April 21, according to James Lachkovic, the prosecutor, who testified before the Old Bailey.

“He showed her a knife and threatened to use it on a male friend of hers in the car after that.” She gave him permission to use her car because she was so terrified.

‘On April 22, he showed up at her house and made threats to hurl acid in her face before leaving in her car.

“He sent 118 texts that day and more in the days that followed,” it says.

Later on in the day, Mehmet took Ms. Laidlaw’s car out on the M20, where he purposefully veered off the road and crashed it.

The court heard that he admitted to police that he was trying to harm himself as a result of the end of his relationship.

Mehmet was transported to the hospital, and after being released, he went to see Ms. Laidlaw at her home. He texted her 266 times between April 26 and April 27, using various phone numbers, while he was in the hospital.

“This is a terrible course of action towards your partner throughout April, June, and July 2022,” Judge Philip Katz told Mehmet.

You kept calling, texting, message her on Facebook, and using Alexa to snoop on her. It is disgusting.

“The entire situation is just abhorrent behavior.”

Later, it appears that you attempted to murder yourself with a car, which was a selfish and risky course of action.

Ultimately, the information provided has allayed my suspicions that you were the type of person who would kill her because of personality issues; my worries about that have been allayed.

Between 2001 and 2017, Mehmet was convicted 29 times for 36 offenses, including robbery, assault, burglary, aggravated car theft, criminal damage, theft, and handling of stolen property.

The defendant’s attorney, Manisha Knights, claimed that her client had emotional unstable personality disorder and was “very, very, very” ill at the time of the incident.

His mental state was in the worst possible shape.

Mehmet received a 10-year stalking and restraining order in addition to a two-year prison sentence with credit for time served.

In addition, he will be subject to nine months of trail surveillance and 30 days of rehabilitation.

He was given a 12-month driving ban and must pass his driving test again before he can get behind the wheel again.

»Alexa stalker who threatened ex-lover with knife and acid is freed«

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