Alexa Lemieux, star of ‘Love is Blind,’ defends not’rewearing’ outfits: This is “my money”

Alexa Lemieux, star of ‘Love is Blind,’ defends not’rewearing’ outfits: This is “my money”

Those females who comprehend it do so.

Alexa Alfia Lemieux, a native of Dallas and star of the Netflix reality series “Love Is Blind,” is putting the record straight on re-wearing clothing, after previously claiming she never re-wears anything on the program.

“I have literally so many garments. “I never wear the same clothes twice,” she stated on the show as she rummaged through her closet.

While she got criticism on social media for the remark, she told Page Six Style, “I think a lot of females will understand it.”

The 27-year-old reality personality claims she has been inundated with emails urging her not to throw away her clothing.

She remarked, “I don’t know what tax class you have to be in to throw away clothes, but I’m not in that one.”

She explained, “I have all of my outfits; I simply rearrange them.” I like not to wear the same clothing again. I will switch out my jewelry, heels, purse, and jacket.”

In the third season of “Love is Blind,” Alexa and Brennon Lemieux fell in love in the pods.
Instagram/Alexa Lemieux

Others told her, “I can’t believe she’s tossing away her clothing, that’s so immature,” to which she replied, “That’s my money. I am footing the bill. Who indulged me? Me? This is why I work, hey!”

The reality star describes the controversy over her repeated outfits as “strange” and vows to donate whatever she does not wear. She stated that her family makes fun of her at-home attire because she typically wears leggings and a sweater.

Alexa attempted to be comfortable in the pods by selecting clothing suitable for long hours of filming.

On the crazy third season of “Love is Blind,” the Jewish Dallas native found love in the “pods” with southern lad Brennon Lemieux without ever seeing each other’s faces; nonetheless, Alexa did not sacrifice her glam.

She joked, “Put your best foot – or your best face – forward.” “I’ve heard several people question, ‘Why do they apply cosmetics if no one can see them in the pods?’ First off, I can see myself!” She was amused. And when you look well, you have confidence.

The pair (spoiler warning) went on to say “I do” at the altar, proving that the attitude was successful.

At the “Love is Blind” reunion, the pair wore their finest attires.

She’s a genius at packing since she knows exactly what fits her best, stating, “I’ve grown pretty excellent at picking clothing that are flattering to my voluptuous figure.”

The majority of her attire for the event came from Asos, which she considers her “number one shopping destination” due to its brands and size. Additionally, she purchases online at Revolve and Fashion Nova.

Before the season finale aired, many on social media speculated that she had been dressing Brennon, since he appeared particularly stylish; they also believed she was behind his humorous Instagram posts, until she clarified that they are entirely his.

However, Lemieux has been gradually prodding him to change his style.

The pair met in pods prior to becoming engaged blindfolded.

“You cannot give him instructions. “He is very obstinate,” she remarked. “If I do things for him and tell him to wear something, he won’t. Therefore, I will suggest that you do this or that since it would look so beautiful.

She said, “Twice, when I convinced him to wear anything, people complemented him and said, ‘I adore your clothing.'” From then on, he understood. I said, “See, that absolutely makes a difference!” Therefore, he now does it himself.”

Alexis was aware that she desired a wedding gown that accentuated her curves.

When it was time to choose a bridal gown, the third season witnessed another significant turning point. Alexa was keen to choose an outfit that accentuated her figure. “I’m curvaceous. I adore my curves, and so does Brennon. I cannot wear something looser since it will make me appear larger.”

Lemieux discovered the ideal beaded wedding gown, but there was only one remaining in her size. She referred to it as “destiny” since it “fit like a glove” and she just needed to have the straps tweaked “a little bit” to “raise my ladies.”

The couple and their pets wore identical Grinch jammies last year.
Instagram/Alexa Lemieux

However, it seems likely that the Lemieuxs will go down the aisle a second time, and Alexa will wear the silk cowl-neck gown she envisioned for her wedding day. “We definitely want to renew our vows at some time, and that dress would be ideal for a beach ceremony,” she remarked.

Sounds like an event worth preparing for.


»Alexa Lemieux, star of ‘Love is Blind,’ defends not’rewearing’ outfits: This is “my money”«

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