Alex Jones emailed Roger Stone a photo of his wife, alleges Sandy Hook lawyer

Alex Jones texted Trump buddy and swinger Roger Stone a nude photo of his wife, a Sandy Hook attorney disclosed. He is unclear whether she provided approval to transmit the photo.The January 6 committee is now reportedly in possession of Jones' text messagesBankston caught Jones by surprise last week when he revealed that Jones' attorneys accidentally sent him a trove of Jones' text messages showing he lied under oath. He was ordered to pay nearly $50 million to the two families in punitive and compensatory damagesAlex Jones emailed Roger Stone a photo of his wife, alleges Sandy Hook lawyerRoger Stone, 66, and his wife Nydia, who went by the pseudonym 'Nikki', were regulars of the notorious private sex club Capitol Couples in Washington D.C. in the mid-1990s

The raunchy picture was among several messages. Jones was astonished to see his attorney send to the Sandy Hook lawyer, which he believes proves Jones lied under oath. Mark Bankston informed Jones he had a record of Jones’ text communications, causing the Infowars presenter to visibly squirm in his seat. Jones, 48, was forced to pay $50 million in punitive and compensatory damages to two families during the deformation trial. His messages are now being examined by the House select committee probing the January 6 rebellion.

Jones has confessed that the text conversations featured a nude picture of his wife, while his ex-wife, Kelly Nichols, claimed he is ‘really mentally sick’ and’should be safeguarded from himself and others.

She responded, “He lacks morality.” He has his own world. He’s deluded.

Jones remarked on Infowars: ‘I gave my wife a nude picture. My wife looks fantastic now.

‘There’s one nude photo of my wife in there, so they got that! No d**k images.

Bankston confirmed Monday that the picture was forwarded to Trump advisor Roger Stone.

Mr. Jones stated his phone had an intimate picture of his wife. I can confirm that.

‘I typically wouldn’t speak about it in public, but there’s a public interest element I’m worried about since that intimate picture was provided to Roger Stone and I don’t know whether that was consenting.

Mrs. Wulff Jones should know if it wasn’t consensual. Bankston suggested something may need to be done about Jones’ 2017-married, one-child wife.

Bankston: ‘It might be consensual’ ‘But when I see that — and I don’t see any evidence that it was — I’m worried. Some states have laws on that. Stone and his wife are known swingers.

Stone and his wife Nikki reportedly approached an undercover journalist at a DC swingers club in 1996.

One member alleged Stone asked him at a 1994 Republican fundraiser on Capitol Hill whether his wife and him liked to have fun.

Stone gave him a snapshot of Nydia and said, ‘Keep it.’ The back contains our number. Call us if you want fun.

The Stones were recognized as swing club fans and connected to personal ads in 70 swinger periodicals and one website.

Local Swing Fever and a website ad paid for with one of Stone’s credit cards read: ‘Hot, insatiable woman and her beautiful body builder husband, experienced swingers, want like couples or extraordinary muscular well-hung single males.’

40DD-24-36; 195, trim, blonde, muscular, 8’+. Military, bodybuilders, jocks preferred. No smokers or fats. Required photo and phone. R&N…. DC, VA, MD, NYC, Miami, and LA.

The intriguing images, which initially surfaced in The National Enquirer in September 1996, showed Roger Stone nude from the waist up with a black bar over his eyes, allegedly to disguise his identity.

Nydia Stonek was captured in thigh-high stockings and a suggestive teddy.

In another snap, she faces the camera, but the Enquirer censored her breasts.

As swing club regulars, the Stones weren’t doing anything illegal or criminal, but his actions were perceived as hypocritical and unethical due to his conservative values. Stone and Alex Jones became friends after meeting at a 2013 JFK assassination event in Dallas, according to Business Insider.

Stone advised Jones to sue his own lawyer for revealing two years of text exchanges to Bankston.

Stone posted on Telegram Friday afternoon that the lawyer defending Alex Jones, F Andino Reynal, was appointed as a federal prosecutor by Eric Holder.

Do you believe he accidentally released Jones’ texts? If I were Jones, I’d sue this man for the jury’s verdict, Stone said sarcastically.

Insider says that Stone defended the text exchanges on Trump’s social media network, Truth Social.

He claimed there’s no mention of January 6 in the texts, even though they’re being investigated by a House committee.

Stone stated on Twitter that the FBI and DOJ had seen his texts with Jones. ‘Nothing intimately inappropriate’

‘Alex Jones has been a true friend throughout Mueller’s Soviet-style show and my wife’s cancer fight,’ he said. has contacted Alex Jones and Roger Stone’s attorneys.

Bankston took Jones by surprise last week when he disclosed that the defendant’s lawyer unintentionally provided him a large number of text conversations, which Bankston claimed demonstrated Jones lied under testimony.

Mr. Jones, did you know that 12 days ago, your lawyers provided me a digital copy of your whole smartphone with every text message you’ve sent for the previous two years? In a viral trial moment, Bankston asked.

Following Jones’ admission, Sandy Hook parents won slander action.

He said the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre victims were crisis actors and made other offensive comments.

Jones was sentenced to pay punitive and compensatory damages to the two families.

The text exchanges were provided to the House committee probing the January 6 incident.

CNN stated that lawmakers were sent Jones’s communications as they draw similarities between the US Capitol violence and Trump’s effort to overthrow the 2020 election.

The committee accuses Jones of helping arrange the ex-Stop president’s the Steal demonstration at the White House Ellipse before the melee.

According to a letter from committee chair Bennie Thompson to Jones in November 2021, he was on Capitol premises on January 6 but did not enter.

Jones previously appeared remotely before the January 6 committee, saying he used the Fifth Amendment ‘nearly 100 times’

‘The questions were fair.’ He claimed he wanted to answer questions.

‘But it’s a good thing I didn’t, because I try to respond accurately even if I don’t know everything, and they may argue that’s perjury.’

It’s unclear what the January 6 committee hopes to learn from the additional messages or whether they’ll lead to more questioning.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a panel member, said, ‘We know his actions incentivized some of the January 6 activity and we want to hear more about that.’

We haven’t seen the texts, therefore we don’t know what they include. But I’m confident we’ll discover more.’ If the texts prove valuable, they might be used at autumn hearings.

Liz Cheney noted at the conclusion of the committee’s ninth meeting on July 21 that fresh material and witnesses had come forward.

Success in litigating immunity and executive privilege claims continues. Doors are open, subpoenas are out, and the dam is breaking.

We have more evidence to present with the American people, she said. Our committee will spend August gathering new material before September hearings.’

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