Al Jalila Hospital and Duracell to raise awareness on risks of accidental ingestion of lithium coin batteries among children

Al Jalila Hospital and Duracell to raise awareness on risks of accidental ingestion of lithium coin batteries among children

Al Jalila Hospital and Duracell to raise awareness on risks of accidental ingestion of lithium coin batteries among children

DUBAI, 31st October, 2021 – Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital has partnered with Duracell, to raise awareness amongst parents and caregivers of young children with supportive education on how to best prevent accidental lithium coin cell ingestion and provide tips for instant treatment.

As the number of Lithium Coin cell powered devices steadily increases, safety around those cells becomes increasingly important.

If a child ingests lithium coin cell it can get stuck in oesophagus and may damage surrounding tissue.

If not detected early enough, it may have serious consequences.

Duracell has recently introduced its Baby Secure technology for its lithium coin cells.

It comprises Bitrex, the safe and world’s bitterest substance, applied as a thin layer on the bottom of the cell, helping to discourage accidental ingestion.

It also includes the Duracell double-blister Child Safety pack.

It is impossible for a toddler to open with bare hands and requires and adult with a pair of scissors.

Launched as part of Duracell’s campaign entry into the Middle East, a series of initiatives such as educational workshops, on-ground activations and talks from medical professionals will take place in the month of November for parents to learn more about the practical and innovative approaches to prevent or reduce risks of lithium coin cell ingestion.

Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital has been a significant advocate for coin battery ingestion where Dr.

Christos Tzivinikos, a Paediatric Gastroenterologist at the hospital, has been involved in several similar campaigns around the world such as The European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) summit and a button battery symposium at the World Congress Summit in the summer.

Dr Mohamed Al Awadhi, Chief Operating Officer, Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, said: “Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital’s collaboration with Duracell Middle East comes as a part of a strategic move to join hands with the private sector to enhance our efforts to provide equal opportunity for success in life, and the treatment of children suffering from various illness or disease.

This partnership will help us raise awareness about the dangers of coin battery ingestion, which is an extremely important and hidden danger today.

“Young children are curious by nature, and part of their exploration of the world around them can include putting things in their mouths.

This makes it particularly important to keep dangerous objects like small batteries safely stored away.

Through more discussions about this important topic, we can make sure parents don’t have to go through such a horrendous experience with their children.

Duracell Middle East & India General Manager Amer Afifi said: “Through the ground-breaking innovation, Duracell has taken the lead to improve child safety through the bitter coating on lithium coin cells and we want to help parents across the UAE protect their children from serious harm.

Duracell is devoted to giving parents and caregivers another line of defence when it comes to helping avoid accidental ingestions, which is why we have launched a safe bitter coating on our most popular lithium coin battery sizes, designed to discourage swallowing.

Our campaign has been widely received and commended across continents such as North America, Europe and Australia, and we hope to generate similar attention in the Middle East.

Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital is dedicated towards transforming lives through medical research, education and treatment in the UAE and supports ground-breaking research that addresses health challenges prevalent in the region.

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