Agronomist at Aldelano Organic Foods Ltd

Agronomist at Aldelano Organic Foods Ltd – TDPel Jobs

At Aldelano, we are dedicated to helping provide life-sustaining cold storage solutions to those in need, anywhere in the world. Our products are off-grid and require little to no maintenance. Our advanced technology in solar refrigeration and water generation allow us to provide those in need with fresh, clean drinking water, cold storage, and renewable power. We have spent several years perfecting and creating a life-saving solution for those who do not have the resources necessary to preserve food and obtain clean water, but where did it all begin?Agronomist

Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Agronomy or soil scinec science or related fields from a reputable University
Minimum of 1-2 years experience in greenhouse farming (hydroponics)
Preferably a fresh graduate willing to grow with the company.
Proficient use of MS Word and diagnostic scientific software.
In-depth knowledge of soil and crop principles.
Can carry our laboratory test of soil, seed and crop samples
Quality control of seed calibers and soil standards
Strong verbal and written communication skills
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