After Perm’s tragic passing, Dillian Whyte’s friend pays homage

After Perm’s tragic passing, Dillian Whyte’s friend pays homage

The two victims of a gangland shooting in south London have been identified as a terrible 21-year-old delivery worker who was only minutes away from ending his job and the drill rapper son of a boxing promoter.

Rapper Perm, a close friend of the British heavyweight Dillian Whyte and the son of Dean Whyte, was shot and killed Friday night in Brixton after a two-vehicle chase.

Guilherme Messias Da Silva, a deliveryman, tragically perished in the automobile pursuit after being hit by a car carrying Perm.

The rapper then leapt out of the car and attempted to elude his assailant while brandishing a pistol, but was shot down by the assailant, who then fled the area.

Dean, Perm’s father, said today: “R.I.P. my kid” in remembrance of his son. Your dad adores you.

The news was shared today on Instagram by boxing manager Dean, who often refers to the heavyweight boxer as his brother.

Dean, who has gained his own notoriety for helping to publicize Dillian’s battles, sent a heartbreaking message on Instagram with the words: “R.I.P. my buddy.” Papa loves you. Life has altered drastically.

The 34-year-old heavyweight fighter reposted the Instagram story with his own this morning and added many sad heart emojis.

Perm, a well-known drill rapper from South London, is shown in the image standing in a kitchen wearing a neckless that reads CT, the initials of a drill group that shares a moniker with the neighborhood gang ClapTown.

Perm’s cause of death is yet unknown, although social media pages and online drill websites have reported that he was involved in the Brixton shooting on Sunday.

Perm recently shared a photo on Instagram with friends and other creatives with the caption, “Ran trough the filth yet came out cleaner they wouldn’t understand it.”

Today, the post has received a deluge of accolades, including those from fans and other rap artists. One person wrote: “Rip, one of the drill scene’s pioneers forever.”

M24, a rapper from Brixton, and Sneakbo, who posted a heart emoji, are two more who commented.

Nadia Rose, a different artist, wrote: “Can’t believe this. RIP, said another, adding that he was among the first drill musicians I had ever heard of in 016 or 017. Take it easy.

Following the release of his latest album, “Germs,” last month, Perm passed away. On YouTube, he had advertised the movie, which included footage from the Notre Dame estate in Clapham, south London.

Despite often referring to one another as brothers, Dean and Dillian are really close friends. Additionally, they have collaborated on Dillian’s boxing career.

Lemar Scott, better known as Dean, is the owner of the boxing management company Blackbox Management.

Prior to Dillian’s bout with British boxer Tyson Fury at Wembley earlier this year, he notably sparred with Tyson’s father, John Fury.

After a verbal exchange, the two were spotted humorously shadow fighting in April.

After the amicable incident, Dean said on TalkSport: “I had some banter.” John and I had a little argument, but after shaking hands, all was forgotten.

In front of a crowded Wembley stadium, Tyson Fury went on to win the bout by technical knockout in the sixth round.

It comes as colleagues today reported that a 21-year-old delivery man was slain in the Brixton gangland killing on Sunday just minutes before his shift was about to end.

Guilherme Messias Da Silva was killed in the assault in Brixton, south London, Friday night, according to friends of the Deliveroo driver. He was delivering his last takeout of the evening.

According to the police, Guilherme was killed after being run over while riding his bicycle. The car is said to have been engaged in a chase with another car as part of a gangland conflict.

According to reports, a guy left the scene after the collision while being pursued by a shooter in the second car.

The pursuer, who was believed to be a local drill rapper in his 20s, savagely shot and killed the fleeing guy before driving off in his car. Police are now looking for the shooter, who is still at large.

Today, condolences have been given to Guilherme, who is said to have migrated from his homeland of Petrolina de Goias, close to the Brazilian capital Brasilia, and is thought to have spent the previous two years living in the UK.

Paulo Silva, a 42-year-old fellow driver, called him a “nice lad” and “young” and claimed he had been intending to return to Brazil in December.

“He was a really kind man,” he said. It’s very sad. Though he had intended to do so shortly, he will not be going back to Brazil right now.

One more of his Deliveroo coworkers, who wished to remain unnamed, described him as a “really kind man who had become an innocent victim.”

Guilherme’s close friend paid homage to him by posting a message in Portuguese on social media, saying: “Yet another asphalt warrior, modest lad, he sacrificed his life working during a firefight between gangs in Brixton, he was tragically struck by the thieves’ vehicle.”

This first-world nation is not as idyllic as many visitors imagine. This is a daily fight that takes place away from the family and is risky every day. God give the family and friends consolation. God is ready to receive you, young man.

Residents said that during the horrifying occurrence on Railton Road at approximately 7.50 p.m., at least 12 rounds were fired.

The victims’ identities have not yet been disclosed by the Met Police, and no arrests have been made.

The incident occurred during yet another weekend of obscenely violent gun and knife use in “Wild West” London.

A 32-year-old man was slain in a knife assault on Saturday at Waterloo Station, while a man was stabbed to death in Wembley earlier on Sunday.

The deadly shootings also occur only a few days after two men were savagely shot to death in Ilford, east London, on Tuesday. No suspects have been apprehended at this time. Serious injuries were also sustained by a third individual.

Police have not connected any of the events, and in three of the four occurrences, no arrests have been made.

According to the police, they discovered two wounded guys who were both in their 20s. Emergency personnel made an attempt to save the males, but they were declared dead at the site.

‘At this early point, investigators think two automobiles were traveling in the Railton Road area when one of the cars collided with a moped before further crashing with parked vehicles,’ a Met Police spokeswoman said. The moped’s rider passed away as a consequence of his wounds.

“A guy from the automobile involved in the accident jumped out of the car and was being chased by a man from the second car who was carrying a gun.” The guy running was shot, and he died away immediately.

The shooter departed the area after going back to his vehicle. Formal identification is still pending as work on locating and notifying next of kin continues.

Monday’s site, where debris could be seen scattered across the road, had a white forensic tent set up today.

A silver automobile with one missing tyre and a moped were the two wrecked cars. There was a 322 bus parked within the police perimeter.

Sebastian Morrison, a local neighbour, said to MyLondon yesterday night that he thought the collision happened after 12 gunshots were heard.

I am not a direct witness, he said, but I happened to see the scenario when I headed to the store. I spoke to a few residents who had really heard and seen some of it.


“Shoots were heard,” he said. “A policewoman on the scene informed me it was a shooting.” Locals heard 12 bullets fired during a firefight between a duo on a motorbike and a group of persons in a sedan. At the site, the vehicle has crashed.


Gregory Osefoh, 59, a worker at the Stanley Mini Market on Railton Road, was another to provide his thoughts on the occurrence. He claimed that he was not in the store working at the time the event occurred.


He said that he was horrified, startled, and very disturbed that individuals could take away other people’s lives—lives that they did not create—after learning about the incident. Absolutely no justification exists for such.


Nobody would be pleased if anything like that occurred close to their place of residence or place of work. So, it’s definitely not a good thing.


We have never witnessed any gunshots around here, according to Mr. Osefoh, who has lived in the region for 15 years.


The two men’s next of kin have not yet been notified, and police are awaiting official identification. Post-mortem exams will be conducted as soon as possible. There have not yet been any arrests.


I am surprised and dismayed by this occurrence, said Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove of the Central South Command Unit, which is in charge of police Lambeth and Southwark. Our hearts go out to the two young men’s families and friends who have sadly lost their lives.


“The local community and the city of London will be very alarmed by this tragedy. “We are assisting Specialist Crime investigators as they work quickly to ascertain the precise course of events, locate the perpetrators, and place them under arrest.”


Local police are on the site and scouring the neighborhood to interact with locals, look for witnesses, and provide visibly reassuring security. I fervently urge anybody with even the smallest amount of information to come forward and aid in the prosecution of the perpetrators.


Residents have been asked to talk with authorities if they have any information and will see an increased police presence in the area, according to the Met.


Concerned to learn that two persons were shot and killed on Railton Road, Labour MP Helen Hayes for Dulwich and West Norwood tweeted.


“My thoughts are with their loved ones, who are going to get the worst news conceivable, and everyone who saw this atrocity in our town,” the speaker said.


A Met spokeswoman said, “At this time, there have been no arrests and inquiries are ongoing.”


Anybody with information is urged to contact the police by dialing 101 and using the reference CAD 6166/30Oct.


The two shootings occur shortly after a deadly stabbing early on Sunday in Sudbury Town, northwest London, close to Wembley.


Around 2 am, officers responded to reports of a stabbing on Harrow Road in Wembley.


The victim, a 21-year-old guy, had stab wounds. He was treated by emergency personnel, but he passed away soon after. According to police, two individuals were detained after being apprehended at the site in relation to the event.


A 32-year-old man was fatally stabbed on Saturday morning in south London, close to Waterloo Station.


According to the Met, Adrian Keise, a resident of Lambeth, was assaulted following a fight between two groups of men on Lower Marsh Street.


According to a force spokeswoman, the incident started in front of the Cubana restaurant and then moved to Lower Marsh Street, where Mr. Keise was critically injured.


Paramedics found Mr. Keise at Frazier Street, where they treated him before bringing him to the hospital, where he eventually passed away.


Police have started an investigation, but no arrests have been made as of yet.


From the Specialist Crime Command of the Metropolitan Police, Detective Chief Inspector Brian Howie stated: “I am convinced that there were witnesses to what occurred who haven’t yet talked to us about what they saw.”


You could have dismissed it at the time as unimportant, but it might play a critical role in assisting us in locating the culprits.


Adrian had the rest of his life ahead of him, and DCI Howie said, “My sympathies are with Adrian’s family and friends as they cope with his untimely passing. Anyone with knowledge is urged to do the right thing by them and get in touch with us immediately away.


In the next days, a post-mortem examination will be conducted. It occurs after police opened a murder investigation into the Tuesday deadly shooting of two men in Ilford, east London.


Detectives identified the two men who were shot to death during the “drive-by” assault by a suspect, who is claimed to have been wearing a “Joker” mask at the time, as Saydi Abu Sheikh, 23, and Zakariya Jeilani Mohamed, 32.


Around 12.16am on Tuesday, armed police and paramedics rushed to the incident, which was located inside a Victorian terraced house on Henley Road in Ilford. At the site, one victim was identified as deceased. Shortly after, the other passed away.


According to neighbors who spoke with MailOnline, the adjacent Diwali fireworks covered up the sound of gunfire coming from the alleged “drugs den.” However, one witness claims that before opening fire on the group, they observed automobiles approach the property.


Shortly after the frightening incident, a different homeowner informed the Telegraph that they had seen a guy sprinting through surrounding yards while wearing a “black Joker-style mask.”


Although no arrests had been made, according to the Met, investigators were “working around the clock to uncover those responsible.”


“This was an appalling act of severe brutality that has destroyed two families and shocked the whole town,” said Detective Chief Inspector Chris Wood.


“It is crucial that the violent criminal suspects behind this heinous conduct be not shielded by a wall of silence,” he said.

»After Perm’s tragic passing, Dillian Whyte’s friend pays homage«

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