After forbidding her husband to snooze on Christmas, a wife causes heated dispute

After forbidding her husband to snooze on Christmas, a wife causes heated dispute

She is aware of when you are asleep and when you are awake.

A wife’s revelation that she forbids her husband from napping on Christmas day since it leaves her with the children has stirred a heated holiday debate. A now-viral social media thread describing her snooze-related Santa-like punishments is currently exploding online.

In a topic on the famous Reddit site “Am I The A–hole (AITA),” anonymous member u/anyaccount123 detailed how her 15-year-old husband is a “night owl” while she is a “light sleeper” who never naps.

“My spouse LOVES to snooze. “He did that nearly every day,” his irritated wife remarked, detailing his habitual nap-ocalyptic behavior. Additionally, he sleeps in every weekend and holiday morning. This does not bother me because I would also like to do it if I could. When I was still able to sleep in, we would take turns sleeping in.”

She continued, “He doesn’t care if I advise him to go to bed earlier or to avoid napping, especially while the girls are there. He’ll slumber regardless. He never yields to my demands.”

“We could have played with the daughters, watched a different movie or anything he would enjoy, cleaned up the Christmas mess, anything, absolutely anything,” the wife fumed in a blog post.

In contrast, the neglected woman asserts that she never naps because she views it as “lost time in the day, time missed with our girls (9 and 10), and time that could have been spent doing housework, playing, exercising, etc.”

The great nap discussion apparently came to a head on Christmas day, after the wife had been “exhausted” from a late night of partying.

“We were able to wake up at 9 a.m., which is fantastic,” she said. “While our daughters opened their gifts, we ate breakfast. I asked everyone if they were interested in watching a Christmas film. The girls declined, opting to play with their toys instead.”

Then she dropped the bombshell, stating, “My husband went to bed immediately.” Approximately 11 a.m. on Christmas Day. I am utterly shocked. I simply cannot believe it.”

Due to his holiday slumber, the wife was left to care for the children and clean up the Christmas mess by herself.

“AITA for criticizing him, being angry with him on Christmas, and attempting to control when he sleeps?” she asked the Reddit court.

Interestingly, many readers were ready to support her slacker partner.

One defender lamented, “Christmas Day naps are the best part of Christmas.” “My children are playing with their new toys as we watch football and nap on the couch. You remind me of the reason I no longer spend Christmas Day with my mother. You were shocked?”

Another inquired, “Isn’t the Christmas nap a typical feature of the holiday?” “I stayed up late, woke up early, spent the day with my family, and am now going to take a siesta.”

They continued, “And typically the rest of the family does the same; I had no clue anyone would have a problem with a traditional Christmas nap.”

One proponent of hubby hysteria argued, “You appear to believe that Christmas is a crucial parenting procedure that must be about maximizing parent-child bonding. It isn’t. There is a holiday. Give some gifts, have some fun, take it easy.”

“Also, some people require significantly more than eight hours of sleep,” they warned. “You have no idea what that’s like, so please utilize your empathy muscles in this situation. It appears that you haven’t insulted him yet, therefore it’s not too late to avoid being a jerk.”

Fortunately, several sympathizers were able to appreciate the wife’s point of view, with one mom-iserator stating, “Husband routinely takes time away from the family to sleep, and he is the victim? Please.”

They continued, “Had it been the wife, she would have been crucified.” “Those double standards are quite bizarre…”

Some reviewers speculated that the husband suffered from a sleep issue.

One wife supporter stated, “Dude, if he does this every weekend and leaves her with the children for hours, he is a terrible father.” “A decent father would determine why his son needs a nap. I suspect that he is using his phone in bed.”

And while other husband supporters noted that the husband may have a “untreated sleep disorder,” one wife defender stated that it is not her responsibility to “resolve his sleep issues” because “he is an adult.”

“Yes, he may have any of the items he suggested, or he may just go to bed at an absurd hour because he has the luxury of laying in bed all day and napping,” they added.

In response to critiques, the wife stated that the problem is not limited to Christmas sleeps. Instead, she resents the “104 weekends per year that he spends in bed without spending time with them [the children]?”

She completed her response by stating, “I honestly don’t care so much because it’s Christmas day; if that were THE ONE time of the year, it would be acceptable.” “But no, he takes naps EVERY SINGLE DAY, not just today! I don’t believe you considered the entire situation.”

Earlier last month, a man said that his wife’s objection to his mother not hanging a stocking for her stepson caused a similar holiday discussion.


»After forbidding her husband to snooze on Christmas, a wife causes heated dispute«

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