After finding organ donors, authorities removed Anne Heche’s life support

Following the identification of appropriate organ donors by health authorities, actress Anne Heche’s life support was turned off.

Heche, 53, crashed her blue Mini Cooper into a Los Angeles house on August 5 and spent a week on life support.

She sustained a serious anoxic brain injury and lung damage from smoke inhalation.

She was placed on life support to protect her organs while officials looked for donors. On Friday,

one week after the collision, she was declared brain dead, which in California indicates a person has passed away.

Multiple organs were removed by doctors over the course of the weekend, unidentified sources informed TMZ on Sunday, but they did not specify which or how many.

Heche was thus set to be removed off life support on Sunday, more than a week after she was left in her burning vehicle for 30 minutes as 59 firemen attempted to save her, according to TMZ.

Homer and Atlas, Heche’s sons, are still alive.

The two-story house of Lynne Mishele was struck by Heche at 90 mph after what they claim was an initial collision with a garage.

Because of her grave injuries, authorities launched a criminal investigation.

A terrifying video captured the actress minutes before the collision driving quickly right onto a busy road.

The impact of the crash set off a large blaze, which it took 59 firefighters an hour to extinguish

It took 59 firemen more than an hour to put out the fire in the home, and it took another 30 minutes to free Heche from the burning automobile that had burst in the collision.

Heche was seen with a little bottle of vodka in her vehicle, but initial blood tests conducted after she was hospitalised revealed no signs of alcohol in her system.

However, early blood tests utilising blood taken when Heche was in the hospital did discover cocaine in her system, according to police sources who spoke to TMZ this week.

The tests also revealed fentanyl, although it is now unknown whether it was in her system at the time of the accident since hospitals routinely utilise fentanyl for pain management.

In order to deal with the psychological impacts of her tragic upbringing, in which she was sexually molested by her secretly homosexual father who later died of AIDS, the actress resorted to drugs and alcohol.

Heche’s team said on Thursday that she was “not expected to live” as a result of the wounds she received in the collision, and the following day, her family issued a statement informing the public that she had passed away.

“Today we lost a shining star, a kind and happy person, a caring mother, and a devoted friend.

Although Anne will be sadly missed, her legacy continues on in the form of her charming boys, her renowned body of work, and her fervent advocacy.

She “will continue to have a lasting influence” because of her courage in always speaking the truth and sharing her message of love and acceptance.

The Los Angeles Police Department later said that it was ending its criminal investigation into the collision.

According to a statement from the LAPD, “As of today, no further investigation attempts will be undertaken in this matter.”

“Any information or documents that the authorities had previously sought will still be gathered when they come as a matter of formality and added to the overall investigation,” the statement reads.

We don’t submit for file consideration when someone accused of committing a crime passes away.

This implies that “there will be no further investigation efforts undertaken in this instance,” they said, adding that “any information or documents that have been sought previous to this change of events will still be gathered as a matter of formality when they come.”

Jennifer Durand owns the home that Heche slammed into on August 5, although Lynne Mishele was renting it out at the time.

Fortunately, Mishele, her two dogs Bree and Rueban, and her pet tortoise Marley were all safely outside the wreckage since they were in a separate area of the home at the time.

But since the collision weakened the structure of the building, it is now impossible to live there, and Mishele was compelled to leave the house as soon as it happened.

A GoFundMe established for Mishele claims that in addition to losing her home, she also lost “her whole lifetime of goods, souvenirs, all equipment for her company including her laptop and iPad, all of her wardrobe and basic requirements.”

She was able to extract a few damaged precious items from the debris with the aid of the firemen. The other things are all gone.

Mishele was seen watching in shock as the actress tore through her life’s work at breakneck speed, causing everything to explode in a blaze.

Her hands were visible in her pockets as she stood on the pavement outside while the firemen fought the massive fire, which took an hour to put out.

However, Mishele expressed her sadness for Heche and her family in a video message posted to Instagram.

She remarked in the video, “The news of Anne Heche’s death is sad.”

“Her family, friends, and children in particular have really experienced a great loss, and my heart goes out to them.”

There are simply no words to describe how tragic the entire situation is. Everyone involved is receiving my love.

Coley Laffoon, Heche’s ex-husband, finally spoke out about her passing on Saturday in a video statement.

In the video that he shared on Instagram, Laffoon says, “I just wanted to say a few things in the wake of Anne’s passing: One, I love her and I miss her, and I always will. Second, Homer is fine.

Laffoon stated, “He’s mourning, of course, and it’s tough, it’s incredibly rough, as probably anyone can guess.

He is, however, surrounded by relatives, so everything will be well.

So, thank you to everyone that checked in, showed us your love, prayed for us, and did everything else.

“It’s really lovely.” I’m grateful.

“It’s hard for me, it’s hard for my family, and it’s particularly hard for Homer,” she said, adding, “but we have each other and a lot of support, so we’re going to be OK.”

According to Laffoon, “Anne is free from suffering and enjoying her experience, whatever comes next in her path,” he said.

He said, “She came in hot, she had a lot to say, she was courageous, she was fearless, she loved extremely hard, and she was never hesitant to let us know what she thought and what she believed in.”

The main theme was love, so good-bye, Anne.

Love you, and I’m grateful for all the fun moments we had together.

And in the meanwhile, our boy is OK, I have him.

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