After driving into kerb, New Zealand woman paints boyfriend’s rims with .50 nail polish

After driving into kerb, New Zealand woman paints boyfriend’s rims with $3.50 nail polish

A woman who drove her boyfriend’s car into a curb by accident attempted to conceal the damage to the wheel with inexpensive nail varnish.

New Zealand woman Georgette Pollock used cheap nail polish to hide the damage on the rim of her boyfriend's car
In a now-viral TikTok video, Georgette Pollock of New Zealand highlighted the simple approach she did to “rescue her love.”

The fashion stylist explained that when she borrowed the vehicle, she damaged the rim by clipping the gutter.

This video is for you if you borrowed your boyfriend’s car and drove it into a f***ing curb, she began.

The fashion stylist had borrowed her partner's vehicle when she accidentally hit the kerb
Georgette Pollock of New Zealand concealed the damage on the rim of her boyfriend’s automobile with inexpensive nail polish.

Ms. Pollock begins by washing the wheel with a cloth before painting over the scratches with black nail polish purchased from Chemist Warehouse for $3.50.

She continued, ‘You do not want dirt below your paint…and by paint, I mean $3.50 nail polish.’

Ms Pollock cleaned the wheel before using $3.50 nail polish from Chemist Warehouse to cover the mark. She then cleaned the rest of the rim and applied another coat
Ms. Pollock emphasizes the value of “taking your time” as she fills in the bubbles.

‘It’s imperative that you take your time since your relationship is at stake here. Up and down, nice, even brushstrokes; this is pleasing to the eye.

“Complete those kerbs, and then clean the entire wheel, because he will note that portions of his wheel have been cleaned where your kerbs once stood. This is essential if you want to keep your lover,’ she quips.

After the initial layer dries, Ms. Pollock applies additional paint to “super-dented” parts of the rim.

She then displays the freshly cleaned wheel and exclaims, “Voilà!” Beautiful, thoroughly cleaned wheel, and you may keep your boyfriend. You can say your thanks afterwards.

The fashion stylist had borrowed her partner’s car when she hit the curb by accident.

Ms. Pollock cleaned the wheel prior to using $3.50 worth of nail paint from Chemist Warehouse to hide the stain. The remainder of the rim was then cleaned and another coat was applied.

Since its upload, Ms. Pollock’s video has received more than 2.5 million views.

While some individuals found humor in her video, others suggested her partner would immediately detect the cover up.

One remarked, “If he is a true auto enthusiast, he will notice right away because I would.”

Another individual stated, “My wife put this to her car, and I saw it within five minutes.” That cannot be concealed from an automobile enthusiast.

“He will observe. My husband can detect a patched scratch from fifty kilometers away,’ said a third.

Several viewers urged that Ms. Pollock tell her spouse immediately and pay to have the rim fixed instead of telling him.


»After driving into kerb, New Zealand woman paints boyfriend’s rims with $3.50 nail polish«

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