AfriForumTV launches new streaming service

AfriForumTV launches new streaming service

AfriForumTV has launched its new streaming service. The group has vowed to be a ‘disruptor’ in the digital entertainment market, but what exactly does this latest broadcasting option have to offer?

Kallie Kriel is the lobby organisation’s CEO. He outlined what would feature on AfriForumTV, promising a variety of shows that range from reality entertainment series to documentaries and current affairs:

“AfriForum’s production houses have already produced numerous quality entertainment series, current affairs, children’s programs and documentaries, which ensures that AfriForumTV can now be launched with a solid program offer while new content will be produced throughout and a platform will be offered to outside producers.”

Kallie Kriel

Shows, programmes, and features

A quick glance at the AfriForumTV YouTube channel currently gives us access to two videos: The launch event, and a trailer for the period-comedy De Kleine Griet. The parody is, almost literally, one of the flagship programmes on the site – and takes a satirical look at life onboard a Dutch settler vessel.

How much will AfriForumTV cost?

It is currently FREE to sign-up for AfriForumTV, and the site certainly has the sleek veneer we’ve come to expect from our streaming services. It doesn’t look out of place, and there’s even options to stream live sport in SA.

Nature programmes, political debate, news updates, comedy shows and a variety of domestic documentaries make up a large selection from the service. Here’s what users are greeted with after signing in…

Entertainment shows, documentaries, and sports content feature extensively – Photo: AfriForumTV screenshot

Group officials view streaming service as ‘huge opportunity’

Officials at AfirForum have also confirmed that supporters are welcome to ‘make donations’ to the streaming platform, if they so wish. The service has been described as a ‘strategic communication tool’, and will be used to further enhance the beliefs and policies upheld by Kallie Kriel and his colleagues.

“AfriForumTV is another communication strategy to make the public aware of AfriForum’s news and events, but also to provide entertainment with films and fiction and reality series. This content will be provided by AfriForumTV itself, institutions within the Solidarity Movement and external content providers.”

AfriForumTV statement

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