Affair Discovery Leads to Double Homicide: Husband Accused of Killing Wife and Daughter

Affair Discovery Leads to Double Homicide: Husband Accused of Killing Wife and Daughter

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Husband Accused of Killing Wife and Daughter After Discovering Affair


Peter Nash, a man from Great Waldingfield, near Sudbury in Suffolk, allegedly killed his wife of 13 years, Jillu, and their 12-year-old autistic daughter Louise after discovering that she was having an affair with a work colleague and was planning to leave him.

Nash is said to have stuffed a t-shirt in his wife’s mouth before suffocating her and delivering a single fatal knife wound to his daughter’s abdomen.

When the police arrived at the house, they found Nash stabbing himself alongside Louise’s body.

He denies the murders, but a letter to his mother in which he confessed to the crime was found.

Tragic and Awful Case

The prosecutor, David Josse KC, described the case as “tragic and awful” and noted that scientific and other evidence suggested no third party was involved.


Police were alerted when Mrs. Nash failed to turn up to her job as a shop worker, and Louise did not go to school.

When officers broke in, they found Nash stabbing himself and lying beside his daughter’s body.

Nash had suffered several minor stab wounds and was still in possession of the knife.

Unhappy Marriage and Affair

Nash and his wife had a difficult and unhappy marriage compounded by the stress of Nash’s redundancy in 2020 and his responsibility for caring for their daughter.

Mrs. Nash began an affair with Mark Leamey in early 2022 and planned to leave her husband to move in with him.

She recorded conversations with the defendant, revealing the irretrievable breakdown of their relationship.

Nash knew that his wife was cheating on him and called her a “schemer who caused chaos” in one of their conversations.


Evidence Found on Family Computer

Police found three TikTok videos believed to have been viewed after Mrs. Nash and Louise were dead on the family computer.

One video had a message about “a broken man… being very dangerous,” and another asked why women were told to leave when anything went wrong in a relationship, while men were told to fix things.



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