According to the warrant, FBI officers discovered this at Mar-a-Lago

A’receipt for property’ made by FBI agents who searched Donald Trump’s Florida residence discloses that they hauled away 11 boxes of classified papers, pictures, and other things labeled ‘top secret.’The 'Receipt for Property' lists items seized, including an 'Executive Grant of Clemency: Re Roger Jason Stone Jr' - a former Trump adviser who was pardoned in the last days of Trump's presidency - 'info re: President of France ' and a 'handwritten note'According to the warrant, FBI officers discovered this at Mar-a-Lago

The receipt and search warrant, acquired by on Friday afternoon, provide further details about the remarkable raid on the former president’s house.


FBI officers collected 27 cartons of documents in all.
They also include a ‘Executive Grant of Clemency: Re Roger Jason Stone Jr.’ – a former Trump advisor who was pardoned in the last days of Trump’s administration – ‘information re: President of France,’ and a ‘handwritten letter.’
There are further references to a group of papers labeled ‘Various classified/TS/SCI materials.’ In the area of national security, the term ‘TS/SCI’ often refers to Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information, which is only accessible to individuals with the highest level of clearance.


There are also four sets of ‘top secret’ papers, three sets of’secret’ documents, and three sets of ‘confidential’ documents named, but the receipt provides no more information regarding what they contain.


Trump’s lawyers believe that as president, he had the authority to declassify the materials before leaving office.


Trump, for his part, said that the FBI did not need to examine his property.


‘They could have had it whenever they wanted, even long ago.’ They just had to ask,’ he added in a statement.


Trump supporters have voiced outrage at the FBI’s heavy-handed approach to the investigation.


After the former president acknowledged the search, the Justice Department sought a Florida court to unseal the warrant.


When Trump’s attorneys did not object, US Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart authorized the warrant to be disclosed on Friday afternoon.


The search warrant also details the raid’s strategy.


It reveals how agents were to concentrate on sections of Mar-a-Lago utilized by Trump (an abbreviation for Former President of the United States) and avoid areas frequented by club members. ‘The sites to be searched within the “45 Office,” all storage rooms, and any other rooms or spaces inside the property utilized or accessible to FPOTUS and his employees and in which boxes or papers might be kept, including all structures or buildings on the estate,’ it states.


‘It does not include places that are presently (i.e. at the time of the search) inhabited, leased, or utilized by third parties (such as Mar-a-Largo members) and are not otherwise used or accessible to FPOTUS, such as private guest rooms.’


Attachment B states that authorities must confiscate “any tangible papers and records comprising evidence, contraband, fruits of crime, or other unlawfully held…”


‘Any physical papers having classified marks, as well as any containers/boxes kept or discovered in conjunction with the aforementioned documents and containers/boxes.’


It also states that ‘all government or presidential documents made between January 20, 2017, and January 20, 2021’ would be confiscated, which covers Trump’s entire presidency.

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