AC Supervisor – Pipping (Familiar with VRF System) at Mar and Mor Integarted Services

AC Supervisor – Pipping (Familiar with VRF System) at Mar and Mor Integarted Services – TDPel Jobs

MAR&MOR is a building services company that is passionate about customer satisfaction, best practices and standards compliance.

We provide semi-last mile services to improve nearly every aspect of your mechanical and electrical installations. We Design, Procure, install and maintain Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, water treatment, Firefighting and water supply systems as well as power supply, electrical network and communication systems to meet industrial, commercial or residential requirements. We also provide quality general plumbing services.

Over the years, we have gained outstanding experience delivering quality service to a wide range of discerning clients, gathering a considerable knowledge base working on projects, with a solid team of engineers and technicians with an average of 10 years experiential practice – committed to providing products and services of the highest quality.

Today, we offer these resources and experience to help you lower maintenance and repair cost; reduce downtime and improve productivity; increase operating efficiency and achieve a better return on assets.

Established in 2008, MAR&MOR continues to grow, with a strong reputation for delivering high quality, fully integrated electrical and mechanical installations. The Key: we have always understood the need to provide better services at competitive prices.

We place so much emphasis on continuous process improvement and are poised to reach quality levels that set new standards in the industry. Our primary goal is to deliver best practices and a comfortable environment for our clients.Job Description / Requirements

Coordinates work priority and scheduling of duties.
Suggests specific work methods and procedures for employees.
Provides follow up supervision on assignments for employees.
Initiates requisitions for supplies and equipment.
Maintains records for hourly employees.
Devises schedules and supervise inspections of the air conditioning equipment.
Maintains complete machinery histories on equipment.
VRV / VRF HVAC systems
Performs related duties as required.
Ability to supervise.
Aptitude for work with technicians
Knowledge of equipment, assemble, installation, repair, etc.
Technical practices.
Ability to interpret instructions, specifications, drawings etc.
Ability to use and maintain tools and equipment.
Knowledge of materials.
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