Aaron Carter’s final texts with manager show he was ‘optimistic’ about his album

Aaron Carter’s final texts with manager show he was ‘optimistic’ about his album

Aaron Carter’s final text messages to his manager revealed he was hopeful about the release of his new song and the future.

Taylor Helgeson, Aaron Carter's manager, revealed the singer last texted him on November 4 about his excitement to record his new album. Pictured: Carter (left) and Helgeson (right) in Las Vegas in 2017
Carter’s manager Taylor Helgeson was one of the last persons he texted before his body was discovered in the bathtub of his Lancaster, California home on November 5.

Helgeson remembered his final chat with the I Want Candy singer the night before his death, and the singer’s excitement towards the release of his new album, which he had intended to record in Los Angeles this month.

He was so enthusiastic and positive, Helgeson told The US Sun. It had been a few years since we released Love, and he felt ready to record another album… it had been a while since I’d seen him that enthusiastic. He had more to offer, and he did not give up.’

Taylor Helgeson, Aaron Carter’s manager, disclosed that the singer sent him a text message on November 4 expressing his want to create a new album. In 2017, Carter (left) and Helgeson (right) are shown in Las Vegas.

Helgeson stated that the I adore Candy singer had more to offer before his November 5 death in Lancaster, California. Onstage are Helgeson (left) and Carter (right).

Carter had invited a buddy to his home the night before his death to begin recording for his new album, but the friend never arrived.

On November 4, one of Carter’s final texts to Helgeson was a text message to check in.

Helgeson stated that he inquired about the singer’s health. He said, “I’m simply on my way back to the house.” In Los Angeles. However, all is OK. Things are looking up.’

Later, Carter reviewed the songs for his new album and exclaimed, “Holy sh*t! The latest album, what the hell? This surely deserves a Grammy!’

The manager replied, “Yes, and you have earned it.”The night before Carter died, he had invited a friend to his home to begin recording for his new album - but the friend never made it

‘Huge! Our best job to date,’ Carter stated at 6:32 p.m., per Helgeson’s report in The Sun.

Carter would subsequently phone Helgeson, but he was on a plane and unable to answer. The singer then contacted a second acquaintance and asked him to his home in Lancaster to begin recording album vocals.

Helgeson stated, “From what I’ve heard, that was around 9:30 p.m.” But he never reached the house.

This month, the singer was scheduled to record his new album with Danish producers.Carter was set to record the album that he called Grammy material alongside producers from Denmark in Los Angeles this month

This month, Carter planned to record the album he deemed Grammy-worthy with Danish producers in Los Angeles.

Prior to his death, Carter exhibited out-of-character behavior, such as missing critical meetings.

According to Helgeson, Carter believed he could handle all the challenges in his life.

Helgeson stated, “This album was going to be him owning everything.” He was going to accept responsibility, and he believed this was the best way to do it.

According to Helgeson, Carter began acting out of character prior to his death, including missing critical meetings.

Helgeson told the news site, “If he could help it, he would never miss a show.” In the past two weeks, he missed a few things, which was so unlike him, and I was disappointed.

As Carter began to relapse, Helgeson presented him with an intensive, custom-designed rehabilitation program. He even approached Carter when the actor was seen ‘huffing’ on Instagram live stream.

Carter earlier claimed to having a huffing addiction, but he afterwards told Helgeson that it was not true.

In an earlier interview with DailyMail.com, his public relations assistant Holly Davidson disclosed that the pop star desired to resolve the custody dispute over his children before entering rehab.

He told Davidson of ITC PR, “I want to be better and I am striving to be better, but I cannot do so at this time.”

The assistant told DailyMail.com that he prioritized dealing with the courts over his son, new music, and life. Then he want to enter rehab.

Carter has been engaged in a protracted custody dispute with his on-and-off girlfriend Melanie Martin, the mother of his 11-month-old baby Prince.

Co-founder of the Utah drug treatment institution ReBoot and addiction consultant Brenden Borrowman collaborated on the rehabilitation approach. According to its website, ReBoot employs “time-tested military behavioral science” to cultivate self-respect and positive behavior.

Borrowman stated that Aaron could be saved.Helgeson said the I love Candy singer had more to give before he was found dead in his Lancaster, California home on November 5. Pictured: Helgeson (left) and Carter (right) onstage

‘I honestly believe that,’ he told DailyMail.com earlier.

In 2021, Aaron Carter is spotted with his on-again, off-again lover Melanie Martin.

The couple’s relationship was intermittent. Carter and Martin had separated one week after the birth of their first child together in 2021.

Martin could be seen weeping outside Carter’s California house on Saturday after his body was discovered.


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