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AacePelMedic: A new Electronic Health Record system about to launch

A new EMR or electronic health records app is about to launch in Nigeria.

A spoke person of AacePelMedic made this known.

The app will allow Nigerians to have their health records with them no matter where they are, leading to a better treatment.

It will also allow doctors easy access to patient’s health history.

Mr Abiodun Thomas (FIMC), while speaking to TDPel Media disclosed that the company, AacePelMedic has spent millions of naira to develop the system, which they hope will greatly improved health delivery in Nigeria.

AacePelMedic is a consortium of Aace Healthcare, a US company based in Atlanta, Georgia and PelMedic based in Lagos Nigeria.

Stay tuned to TDPel Media to know when the app is launched.

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