A truck driver sees a ghost while driving through Arizona state route 87

A truck driver sees a ghost while driving through Arizona state route 87

A video of a potential ghost sighting by a truck driver has been circulating on social media for the past four days.

William Church, the driver in question, claimed to have seen a bright glare in his dashcam while driving down Arizona State Route 87 on Saturday, March 11.

He believes the flashing figure he caught on camera could be an apparition, as the time at which it was spotted (2:30 AM) increases the likelihood of it being a real spectre.

Church noticed the ghost-like shadow when he passed the highway’s 200-mile marker, situated between Phoenix and Payson, Arizona.

He reported that there were no other vehicles on the road at the time.

The translucent figure seems to be a person standing casually in the middle of the roadway, according to Church.

The six-second clip was recorded on a Nexar dashcam that was designed to record drives for security purposes.

Arizona State Route 87, which stretches approximately 272.66 miles, is a north-to-south highway that was built in 1927.

The 96-year-old road has seen many fatal car accidents, leading some locals to believe it may be haunted.

An automobile dealer in Phoenix dubbed State Route 87 one of Arizona’s “most dangerous roads” due to its straight path and many looping turns.

The road’s unique topography could be a contributing factor to the numerous accidents that have occurred there over the years.

Viewers who watched Church’s video on YouTube have claimed to have witnessed other supernatural phenomena on Arizona highways and in public spaces.

Many believe the translucent figure captured in the clip is a ghost and have shared their personal experiences encountering such mysterious entities on Arizona State Route 87.

However, some YouTube commenters have speculated that the unknown figure could be a hitchhiker, an animal, a tumbleweed, a reflected road sign, or a trick of a light source.

Earlier this year, a fatal crash occurred on the highway near mile marker 201, resulting in one person’s death. Some have suggested that the alleged ghost may be the person who died in that crash.

»A truck driver sees a ghost while driving through Arizona state route 87«

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