A sheep’s eye at Adams’ Thanksgiving

A sheep’s eye at Adams’ Thanksgiving

In the Negev’s initial days, JFK sent my husband Joey, president of the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA), to Israel to assist collect funds for the fledgling nation by hosting a tribal Thanksgiving meal.

Cross-legged on the ground, we sat. Table? A covering over parched land. The tribal chief presented us with an exquisite delicacy.

The eyes of an animal.

Joey, a showman who knew numerous magicians, misplaced their business cards.

Tahiti. I’m on my way to Marlon Brando’s home in Tetiaroa, a place where civilization has long since disappeared. The classic film “Rain” was shot in the South Pacific. My cabin? Straw. It poured. I am currently in bed. So they relocate me to another location. More precipitation. My Thanksgiving gift? The cabin collapsed on me.

When I arrived in Tetiaroa, he had already disappeared. What is his backyard like? No flowers or shrubs exist. One motorcycle. His live-in local beauty boasted that she performs all the cooking, repairing, washing, cleaning, relocating, repairing, and laundry, as well as everything Marlon desired.

I wrote the as-told-to-me autobiography of Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia. Columbus sought the East Indies, which consisted of 10,000 islands with their unique languages, until Sukarno unified them into a single nation.

His travels took us to Surabaya’s dense woods. On Thanksgiving, I removed my hair from a soldier’s helmet.

In addition to Radio City, St. Patrick’s, Chinatown, the Bronx Zoo, Central Park, the Diamond Center, the Freedom Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, uptown, downtown, and the GodBlessUs NY Post, consider Monet’s garden for a modern Thanksgiving in New York City.

Wall Street brought the paintings of the French Impressionists to life. In real life, Claude Monet’s neighbors were not enthusiastic about his famed water lilies. The beleaguered farmers of Giverny feared that the alien plants would contaminate the water and imperil their animals. The artist refused to participate. The cattle endured. The paintings blossomed.

Even though our investments are down, Monet is up. This Thanksgiving, Wall Street tourists can glimpse his biggest inspiration.

Florida man sees lots of his cash disappear

ONE additional holiday thought.

According to re-election disclosure filings, DeSantis’ net worth decreased by 8.5%.

His only source of income is the $134,181 salary of his governor. 202,980 dollars in checking and savings accounts. Trust-based savings plan, $89,060. Florida Retirement System, $48,226.

According to St. Johns County property records, he sold his residence in Ponte Vedra Beach for $460,000. As he ran for governor, his alleged 2017 fortune of $310,971 decreased the next year.

Theater of absurd

ONE more. As income declines, so do prices. A bourbon on the rocks cost $90 at the Lena Horne Theatre, previously the Brooks Atkinson, on West 47th. No mixing, adding, or flavoring required; simply pour. Neat. Next, a proposed tip was offered.

BUT comes the charm of small-town living. This Madison Avenue man called his old spinster aunt in a rural Iowa town to wish her a good Thanksgiving. The local Iowa operator stated, “I don’t believe she’s at home. Her automobile has disappeared.”

»A sheep’s eye at Adams’ Thanksgiving«

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