A retired teacher from Snowflake was buried in a M&M-themed casket

A retired teacher from Snowflake was buried in a M&M-themed casket

Mary Stocks Martin, a retired teacher from Snowflake, Arizona, passed away at the age of 86 on February 9th, according to her obituary published by the Silver Creek Mortuary, a local funeral home and cremation provider. Martin, a colorful and fun-loving grandmother, had made plans to have her funeral reflect her personality, and had built an M&M-shaped casket with help from her son years before her death.

Martin’s funeral was held on February 18th at the LDS Love Lake Chapel in Taylor, Arizona, where guests were able to see her unique casket during the wake and graveside service. One of Martin’s grandsons, Billy Martin, revealed that Mary had worked as a schoolteacher for 30 years and used to initial everything “MSM,” which looks like M&M. Her students started bringing her M&Ms, and it became a part of her identity as a teacher.

The Martin family said the casket was modeled after one of Martin’s favorite M&M spokecandies – the blue almond M&M, which has been aptly named “Blue” by Mars, Inc. Blue was introduced as an M&M spokescandy in 1995 and has been branded as having a calm and cool personality, according to advertising materials. Martin’s casket captured the essence of Blue, featuring the close-eyed M&M holding miniature candies that had the names of Martin’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren etched onto each.

The funeral was attended by Martin’s loved ones, who honored her by dropping M&Ms on her casket. Attendees also wore M&M t-shirts and hats, and a single red hat was left on Martin’s casket. Snippets of the M&M-themed funeral were shared in a video slideshow that was uploaded to TikTok by Martin’s grandson, Scott Roundtree, on February 19th. The video has since gone viral, receiving more than 9.2 million views and over 1.4 million likes.

William Martin, Mary’s son, recalled that before her passing, Mary had said, “I want pictures of the coffin to go out. I want people to see it.” Mary is survived by four children, 19 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren.

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