A Mother narrowly escapes death as she fights off a vicious Lion

A Mother narrowly escapes death as she fights off a vicious Lion

A mother has survived after biting the eye of a lion that attacked her outside of her residence.

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On January 31, 40-year-old Lidia Hernández was doing laundry when Salomé, a two-year-old female African cougar, nearly mauled her to death.

During a failed burglary, the beast reportedly escaped from a residence in the central Mexican state of Aguascalientes.

It murdered two dogs and a cat before appearing in front of Hernández’s residence in Aguascalientes.

Lidia told El Heraldo de México that she saw a large shadow out of the corner of her eye and presumed it was a person.

She realized it was a lion only when it began to roar.

She said, “I recall that I was just opening the door when I was about to go outside to rinse some trousers.”

“When I opened the door, she jumped on me, at which point I exclaimed, “Oh my Goodness, who attacked me?” I believed it to be a large shadow, the shadow of a person.”

According to Univision, Hernández pierced the beast’s eye to escape.

Still gravely injured, she was transported to the nearby Miguel Hidalgo Hospital in critical condition.

Lidia is currently convalescing at home. She is currently confined to a wheelchair and required numerous sutures on her limbs, legs, and head.

Geovany Javier, 34, the lion’s owner, was apprehended and is being investigated for malicious injury.

Eventually, he reclaimed control of Salomé and loaded the lion into a vehicle.

The police confiscated both the animal and a nine-month-old male lion named Cachito.

Javier told local media that he had all the necessary permits to keep the lions and that his home had been inspected and approved by the appropriate authorities for housing large animals.

Javier has thus far denied Hernández’s request that he pay for the costs associated with her recovery.

“Daughters want me to provide for them. Well, no, “he said.

»A Mother narrowly escapes death as she fights off a vicious Lion«

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