A man survives ‘the suicide disease’ after amputating a leg

A man survives ‘the suicide disease’ after amputating a leg

Andrew Lawton was diagnosed with CRPS, also known as “the suicide disease,” after his knee buckled underneath him in February 2019.
This illness causes extreme pain, severe bruising, and ulcers. Andrew’s leg would hurt with even the slightest touch, and raindrops would cause his skin to burn.
He stopped going outside to avoid distressing others with his wounds, and clothing caused excruciating pain.
His employer sacked him for being too slow to walk down the stairs during a fire drill, but he won a discrimination claim and over £30,000 in compensation.

Before CRPS, Andrew was an active volunteer at Formula 1 races and scuba diver. However, his illness forced him to shut himself off from the world and give up his hobbies.

He suffered extreme pain 24 hours a day for three and a half years, despite taking controlled narcotics to manage the pain. He was on six different drugs at the maximum dose, which only partially alleviated his pain.

Andrew contemplated suicide several times but didn’t act on it because he didn’t want to hurt his partner Amy and 16-year-old son Tyler.

In June 2021, Andrew was found unconscious on his kitchen floor, and doctors had to amputate his leg above the knee to relieve his pain.

While he knew the phantom pain could still occur, he was pain-free after the surgery and relieved to have his life back.

Now, Andrew has a prosthetic leg and is planning to participate in a skydive to raise money for others with CRPS.

He also has a kickstarter business to help the NHS provide cheaper and better prosthetics. According to the NHS website, CRPS is poorly understood.

»A man survives ‘the suicide disease’ after amputating a leg«

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