A homeowner who paid hundreds for a “bulging skip” labelled a driver “selfish” for obstruction

A homeowner who paid hundreds for a “bulging skip” labelled a driver “selfish” for obstruction

After having to spend hundreds of dollars to schedule a cleanup, a furious homeowner dubbed a driver who prevented their “bulging skip” from being collected “selfish.”

According to speculation, the black Vauxhall Corsa placed in an odd spot prevented the skip from being picked up from a residential street in Dovecot, Liverpool.

The angry note said: 'Parking right next to a bulging skip that's due to be collected today has cost me a lot of time and money.' At the bottom the skip owner warned the driver to never park in front of his home again.

The enraged owner of the skip continued to spray-paint the vehicle with the same venomous message warning against “selfish foolish parking.”

The statement was written on more than 13 sheets of A4 paper, which were taped to the car’s windows and windshield.

“Selfish foolish parking!” said the irate message.

I’ve wasted a lot of time and money by parking right next to a stuffed skip that is supposed to be picked up today.

“At 8:03 this morning, you parked in front of my house, obstructing the collection of a skip that was visibly overflowing.

“I have spent hours knocking on every door and enquiring about the owner of the store.”

“I will now have to pay more fees due of your selfish idiocy,” the man said. “It’s obstructing the skip at 1400 hours and it’s still there.”

However, there is disagreement among users of social media as to who is correct and who is wrong.

It’s not against the law to park in front of someone’s house, according to one commenter.

Another person commented: “People who believe they own the road outside their home are, to be honest, funny.”

Some individuals remarked that the duct tape that was applied to the car’s glass and window would cause harm.

One person said, “I’d be f***ing livid if that tape damaged the clear finish off my vehicle.”

People on social media have been divided over whether the skip owner is in the right or the wrong.

An other person said: “I’d be knocking on his home advising him he has to remove that tape… definitely grounds for criminal damage if it f***s with the paint.”

Others expressed concern for the homeowner while agreed that the motorist ought to have parked more considerately.

A lady said, “They have a point to be fair, if it is a driveway, someone may be in a lot of difficulty by the time they get there if they’re an on-call health expert.”

How about you don’t be a p***k and park in front of someone’s drive, another guy said.

‘People really need to be more attentive when parking their cars, park where you desire as long as it’s legal but being aware of your surroundings is common decency,’ said Selina Flowers on Facebook.

They currently have a bill for painting.

Kevin Foster said, “Why not send the vehicle owner the invoice from the skip firm for the alleged additional expense it has incurred on the homeowner?”

“Normally, payment is made upon collection of the skip; if the waggon is unable to pick it up, it is the automobile owner’s problem for obstructing it, not the homeowner’s.”

Some laughed at the scenario.

Nothing could enrage me this much, one lady said.

A second guy chimed in, saying, “Should’ve simply thrown it in the trash, probably where all Corsas belong to be fair.”

I’m a little upset that he didn’t run out of toner in the printer and then print more to inform the individual that they now owe them for the toner and gas to drive to the store and purchase it.

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