A Deadly Obsession: The Story of John Sandoval’s Voyeuristic Behavior and Murder Charge

A Deadly Obsession: The Story of John Sandoval’s Voyeuristic Behavior and Murder Charge

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Tina and John’s Meeting at AIMS Community College


In the mid-1980s, Tina Tournai-Sandoval, a nurse, and John Sandoval, who was enrolled in radiology technician courses, crossed paths at AIMS Community College in Greeley, Colorado.

The two fell in love and got married on December 31, 1991, amidst the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Tina’s Revelation and Divorce

However, the marriage was short-lived as Tina soon discovered John’s dark side.

Only two years after their wedding, Tina initiated divorce proceedings, revealing to her colleagues at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley that her estranged husband suffered from voyeurism.

John’s Voyeuristic Behavior


Tina alleged that John had a tendency to follow random women from convenience stores and stalk them for days.

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His behavior reportedly escalated to late-night window peeping and even breaking into the homes of these women, hiding in cupboards and under beds to avoid detection.

Tina also shared that John had stolen women’s underwear and brought them home.

Following complaints, the police questioned John multiple times at their residence.

Tina’s Disappearance and John’s Murder Charge

On October 18, 1995, Tina disappeared, and John was charged with her murder in 2009.

He was convicted based on testimony from previous victims and investigating officers.

However, since Tina’s body had not been found, a technicality caused the Colorado Court of Appeals to overturn the guilty verdict in 2016.

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John’s Disclosure of Tina’s Remains and Guilty Plea

A new trial was scheduled, but John eventually disclosed the location of Tina’s remains at the Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Greeley, in exchange for a plea deal.

In March 2017, almost 22 years after her disappearance, Tina’s decomposed remains were found, and John pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

He received a sentence of 25 years in prison plus five years on parole, with credit for time served.

John’s Current Situation

John Sandoval is now serving time at the Trinidad Correctional Facility, with his next parole hearing scheduled for January 2026 and an expected release date in 2032.

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Tina’s sister expressed surprise at the parole eligibility date, but experts emphasize that this does not guarantee his release.

The Tragic Story of Tina and John Sandoval


The story of Tina and John Sandoval is a tragic one that highlights the dangers of domestic abuse and voyeurism.

While John is serving time for his crime, Tina’s family and friends will never forget her, and her memory lives on.

The case is a reminder to always be cautious and seek help when needed, especially in cases of abuse.


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