A 90 year old man believes knows the secret to looking younger

A 90 year old man believes knows the secret to looking younger

Robert Eddison, a 90-year-old writer from London, has become a viral sensation on TikTok by sharing his secrets to maintaining his youth.

Eddison, who says everyone tells him he looks 20 years younger, revealed his simple routines for keeping his mind and body in shape.

To stay physically fit, Eddison begins his days with a few light stretches, which he has been doing since his 30s when he first began experiencing back pain.

He also alternates his stretches with 30 minutes of yoga or swimming every day. Eddison includes balancing exercises like standing on one leg for a few minutes as often as he can, which he credits with allowing him to walk without a cane.

Eddison shared clips of himself walking through his morning routine, shocking viewers with his physical capabilities.

The inspiring video has gone viral with 13.1 million views and millions of comments from people in disbelief, many of whom insist that he doesn’t “look a day over 60” and beg him to drop his skincare routine.

Eddison uses a day cream, a night cream, and an anti-aging cream, which he puts under his eyes. He also pinches the skin on his face daily to prevent wrinkles.

Eddison works closely with Mohamed Abdelhadi, a 30-year-old engineer, with whom he has built his brand Eddison Wordplay, through which he shares his “knowledge and experience with others so that they, too, can tap into the mind’s riches and find fulfillment.”

Eddison attributes his youthful appearance and mindset to a healthy diet, regular exercise, and positive thinking. He has a 10-year master plan and says, “if you are living to do something, you will live longer.”

»A 90 year old man believes knows the secret to looking younger«

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