Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki Responds to Deputy Shaibu’s Public Apology

Governor Obaseki’s Acceptance of Deputy Shaibu’s Apology

In a notable turn of events, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has officially accepted the public apology issued by his deputy, Philip Shaibu.

The reconciliation follows a period of discord between the two political figures, triggered by Shaibu’s intention to run for office after Obaseki’s tenure.

Deputy’s Public Apology

Last week, Philip Shaibu tendered a public apology to Governor Obaseki, expressing his desire to mend the strained relationship between them.

He acknowledged his actions and expressed remorse, stating, “I use this medium to appeal to Mr.

Governor, if there is anything that I don’t know that I have done, please forgive me so that we can develop our state together.”

Governor Obaseki’s Response

In response to Shaibu’s apology, Governor Obaseki spoke with newsmen on Monday, September 28, and conveyed his acceptance of the gesture.

He expressed his belief in the genuineness of Shaibu’s apology and his hopes for constructive steps to enhance conflict resolution skills.

Obaseki’s Faith and Forgiveness

Governor Obaseki, a person of faith, shared his perspective on forgiveness, stating, “to err is human, to forgive is divine.”

While acknowledging the discomfort caused by the past provocations, he emphasized his commitment to the path of forgiveness.

Hopes for Improved Conflict Resolution

Governor Obaseki encouraged Deputy Governor Shaibu to guide his associates to align with his commitment to reconciliation and peace.

He expressed the collective hope of his colleagues in government and the people of Edo State that the recent discord would come to an end.

The governor emphasized the importance of focusing on governance and delivering the dividends of democracy to the citizens during the remaining months of his administration.