84 terrible days a year for Britons due to lack of sleep, wallet loss, etc

84 terrible days a year for Britons due to lack of sleep, wallet loss, etc

The British may not be known for their cheery dispositions, but there may be a good explanation for this.

(Stock Image) Top of the list of problems that bring us down is a bad night¿s sleep, which was cited by 45 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed
According to a poll, we endure an average of 84 terrible days every year, caused by a variety of catastrophes.

According to a survey of 2,000 people, a poor night’s sleep tops the list of issues that bring us down. Forty-five percent of respondents named this issue as the most depressing. This was followed by misplacing a wallet or pocketbook (35%) and breaking a phone (25%). (also 35 per cent).

Losing keys (34%) or having an argument with our significant other (32%), as well as walking in dog poop (29%) and having a horrible hair day (29%), tipped us into a bad mood (16 per cent).

30 percent of us were disappointed when they tried on a new dress only to discover it was too tight or did not look well, while 13 percent were irritated by a bad haircut.

(Stock Image) Arguing with our partners was another reason for getting us down, which was cited by 32 per cent of respondents

The study also revealed that many people believe in bad luck, with 36% avoiding opening an umbrella indoors and 43% believing that astrology’s planets might contribute to a terrible day.

(Stock Image) According to a survey of 2,000 adults, 45 percent of respondents indicated that a poor night’s sleep is the most depressing factor.

(Stock Image) Thirty-two percent of respondents listed arguing with our partners as another depressing factor in their lives.

Nonetheless, the majority of Britons are resilient, with over 68% stating they are grateful and appreciative for what they have despite enduring difficulties.

The investigation also uncovered factors that improve our mood after a bad day. They included a good night’s sleep (55%), being asked by a friend whether we are okay (43%), and kicking back on the couch with a favorite television show (33%). (42 per cent).

Lorna Brown, of the online marketplace Not On The High Street, which commissioned the survey, stated, “It’s fantastic to discover from the research that, despite frequently suffering unpleasant days, the majority of Brits cherish life’s small pleasures.”

Over one-third (36%) of Brits avoid opening an umbrella indoors and one-third (31%) refuse to place new shoes on a table in order to prevent sparking a terrible day, according to study.

And nearly one-fifth (18%) avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, while 12% admit to being cautious of black cats.

Moreover, 43% of us believe that astrological events can add to a terrible day.

And 44% of the population is now aware of Mercury’s retrograde phase, which, according to astrology, can impair all modes of communication and dampen our spirits, and which will last until October 2.

To combat this phase, 52% of contemporary Britons will attempt to practice mindfulness, 45% will take time to ponder, and 3% will keep a journal.

14% even admit to carrying crystals to ward off “bad feelings,” while 13% burn sage to cleanse their homes of negative energy.

And 38% say it’s essential to maintain an optimistic outlook regardless of the day’s events, while 50% believe that laughter is the best medicine.

»84 terrible days a year for Britons due to lack of sleep, wallet loss, etc«

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